Is he my twin soul?

  • I have known a guy for 10 years since we was at school, i used to really fancy him but he was a very shy person, so nothing happened. we have been back in touch a couple of years and my feelings for him have never gone away, now we are neighbours and my feelings for him are so intense i avoid him, when there is eye contact its unreal like an electric shock. i feel so connected to him, and he has been making more effort with me so i think hes feeling the connection too, some of the things he is doing makes it obvious and the way he looks at me. problem is we are both in other relationships with children, but i am deeply in love with him. nothing i can do though 😞

  • I guess this poster has left the forum.

  • sorry captain it displayed the wrong name lmao xx can u give me a reading? xx

  • On what?

  • on here, my name is supposed to be pixiepot, but it came up with samuella1985 and i dont know how to change it back to pixie pot for the forums lol! id like to know whats in store for me in 2011 matey, nice to speak to you xxx

  • it wont let me put kisses either lol 😞

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