Cancer ex is tyring to make me jealous

  • I was doing so GOOD without him. I was doing so good. I moved on and I never thought I'd have to deal with him again. Well a girl we both know came up to me yesterday and said that he had asked her to help him make me jealous. She said he said he wasn't trying to get me back he just wanted to hurt me. WHAT THE HECK. WHY? WHY after one month of no contact would he do this? What is the point? Good Lord I can't deal with this anymore. Why would someone go out of their way to hurt me? I don't understand it and it's killing me.

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  • Cancer men are pyscho...... as it seem. They do the weirdest things.

  • Yeah, I don't understand it. It's one big question mark after another. She told me that he was laughing about the idea of making me jealous and that he even offered her something for it (He's an artist so he offered to help her with her website). She also said she was going to let him know she told me.. I have to face him tomorrow morning. Well this morning.. I can't sleep I'm so stessed. We have church together and I know I'll just ignore him as usual, but knowing that he's schemed all of this after ignoring me for over a month will be on my mind. I'll honestly have to fight the urge to slap him across the face in front of everyone.

    He's acting so immature. He is a lot older than me so it's weird but I feel like the older one. I don't know if I'm making sense, lol.

  • Hmm yes i know your feeling..... But hey atleast you got a heads up to what he's going to be doing so there's no need to act jealous because you know what he's doing so you have that advantage. While he's trying to make you jealous just try and continue to ignore him. He doesn't deserve you eitherways your too good for him and he probally knows it deep down. There aren't much women who would take a man's shit for a good while.

  • GoldenEgg3>> hey! Take my advice please, you either completely cut contact with him, i mean avoid even seeing him or in case you can't do that (you go to the same church etc.), then you simply ignore him and don't EVER start to try to even figure out why he does what...

    the guy i was involved with simply walked out of my life without a word after half year... we have the same friends, so i can't completely avoid seeing him, though i must say sometimes i simply did not go to friend gatherings. it really was worth as i could distance myself and make myself strong. couldn't you change church? i mean go to another? i can imagine it is way too much to do... but i just know it helped me a lot, i mean to keep away from him completely.

    cause you see... some people (like your guy and mine, and i deliberately don't say CANCERS) live from that... manipulating others. i would say a lot of times they don't even know what they want or why they do something really... so it is impossible for us to figure out... (how could we if they can't figure out themselves?)

    the guy i had this relationship with... when he walked out of my life, i still wrote him two mails, none were answered. then i shut him out, then he was silent, then after some time he started to write me, of course only general stuff. i was really normal with him all the way long, i remained human, i remained very civilized. whenever we saw each other in group events, i talked to him normal, like i talk to other people too.

    i was sure (and still am) that if he were to behave normal around me, we can maintain a simple (not close) 'friendship'. But even so that he left me... he started to poke around again and again.

    so there it comes... why? he left, i accepted... you see? there is no way to figure out why he is messing around, trying to manipulate my life still.

    i can only tell you, when he tried to mess around the last time, i sent him a mail telling him he should stay out of my life. since then, he is kind of silent, i am sure though it is just a matter of time, until he will be back with some crap... it's like they had amnesia... and they think we are hooked or dumb enough to go with the flow with them.

    listen, i think i remember your story more or less, things you wrote about him earlier, i did read them. if i remember good, he hurt you pretty much. i suggest you harden your heart towards him, DON'T EVER GIVE EXCUSES for his behavior, don't ever try to save him or anything else.

    WALK AWAY AND DON'T LOOK BACK (EMOTIONALLY). it will be the best for you! try to find all kind of positive things, activities that make you happy. you will be over him and then whatever he tries to manipulate and however it might still hurt inside you... don't ever show it to him. behave like you would not give a f-uck. after a while, you will honestly feel that way and then, he can't hurt you anymore! 🙂

    best of luck! 🙂

  • He has issues GoldenEgg. He’s trying to mess with your head by looking for some sort of reaction from you, even if it is a negative reaction rather than nothing at all. I always wondered why some people look to feed off negative emotions instead of generating positive ones. I have an ex that used to try and manipulate my emotions by playing games like this. It’s the reason why he’s an ex. The more I read about this man GoldenEgg, the more I feel this man has very little love for himself.

  • I agree with everyone. Don't try to figure it out, walk away for your own sanity. Walk away emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You can't allow yourself to invest your energy...even for closure...into something like this. You have all the closure you need. He has issues. Walk away and the next time another girl shares his next nefarious plan, tell her you are simply not interested in his antics and treat yourself to a night with your friends, a pedicure, whatever makes you feel good, because trying to analyze it will only hurt you in the end.

  • My God, been with a cancer man for 7 yrs (cusp of gemini), off and on. I can sooooo relate to everything written about them, with a little gemini in there to boot!!! Lose the guy, its NOT worth it!!! I'm scorpio by the way!!!

  • Thank you guys. I was close to walking away from everything and then he has the nerve to do something like this.

    I can't help but feel sorry for him because of what he is doing to himself. But for once I am not going to give him the satisfaction of my emotions. They aren't his to play with.

  • Another girl has come out of nowhere. I guess he is trying to get revenge? It's weird because he seems to hate me when he is the one who ruined everything. I have been civil and kind and he has acted immature and stupid. It makes no sense.

  • Goldenegg3, my cancer ex tried to get his previous ex jealous with me. and when he started acting unloving towards me, for no real reason, I figured his game out. I told him what i felt and he got angry, also, whenever he does something wrong, he somehow gets angry with me and shut me out. I think many cancer's have issues, deep mental, emotional issues. I still love my guy and want to talk but he won't even give me that.

    they can dish it but cant take it. sometimes I think they feel they are the only ones with feelings.

  • Exactly....... and when u give them back their own medicine they go and hide...... Hmm well 2 days ago he underestimated me. I have a limit and he reached mines he had the guts to tell me that he shits on my limits. that did it for me I told him what he was..... he shut his mouth after that within a good while he tried to tell me something to hurt me but i didnt respond becuz I already said goodbye end of convo for me.

  • I had him right where i wanted for weeks but he did what i wanted. But then he asked to see me but i have my female time of the month and he had the guts to tell me too: oh thats why ur acting f'ed up. I ignored but it irritated me and tired of that shit. he also had the guts to tell me that my self- esteem is working man.... Hmm that goes to show u he knew that my self-esteem was low... but not anymore. I know what I deserve..... His attitude will get him no where and no one.....

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