Dating dilema....

  • Hi all,

    Wondering if anyone can help me on this. I met a guy on the internet about a year ago and from the moment we met l just knew l wanted to be with him. Anyway to cut a long story short, it fizzled on his side, and boy is he hard work sometimes. We have intermittent contact and last week l told him to go for good. He hasn't been in contact but l have a really strong feeling that l should be more paticent with him? And that l will see him again?? Does anyone else get those feelings or is it just because l like him???

    Whilst getting on wth my life l met a guy the other that is, well stunning! lol. We got on well and he was flirting, should l ask him for a drink sometime?

    I usually don't go out of my way when it comes to men because l have only met 2 that l have actually felt anything for apart from as friends.

    Any help would be great!! 🙂

    R xxx

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