The Holiday Gift Thread...EVERYONE JOIN! :)

  • Okey dokey,

    so the Holiday season is coming up and I am sure we are busy buying gifts for significant others/friends/family. So I just wanted to use this thread as advice for what to buy.

    I want to buy my significant other something, hes a Taurus, I am a Cancer (although stating your star sign isn't necessary.) I was planning on buying him something to add to his large collection of books? no, yes? would Taurus like this?

    Lets share ideas and i would love to hear ppls as well!

  • I am a book lover and always love books BUT it's hard to buy books for me as I have a lot (and get a lot from the library). So I make sure my Amazon wishlist is kept up to date. 🙂

  • Yea I was going to buy him a huge set of John Grisham books since he is a huge fan, and he doesn't own many of them.

  • Those are great books! Guys I used to work with would pass them around to the whole team. Lately I've been reading Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown.

  • Oh! He mentioned Nora Grisham a mystery sort of writer? Some books/series by an author are cheaper than a book lover, do you think I would seem cheap if I bought him like a couple of books, like how many?

    I know Tauruses have a taste for expensive things, so even though I know her would appreciate it, I wonder subconsciously if he may finds it cheap...i guess.

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