Leo star sign/ Cancer moon male with a Capricorn star and Taurus moon female?

  • I need to know what would be our strength and weakness points. and everything about our computability.

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • him 30 - 7 - 89

    me 30 - 12 - 87

  • A combination of two such powerful personalities would be expected to be very heavy, but this relationship is often the opposite - having a very theatrical quality - you two tend to act out your fantasies by projecting them onto each other. The relationship also has a tendency to flee from life's pressing realities so that you two may, for example, turn to drug or alcohol use. Yet this matchup is not without ambition and in fact both of you have a great deal of drive. There is a commitment to style in whatever you do. Combined with your desires to fufill your fantasies, this produces a sometimes excessive flamboyance. You two will probably ruffle a few feathers. Your combination tends towards making you both rather unstable or eccentric together.

    A love affair can be exciting but at the same time remarkably cool. A certain objectivity can take the place of deep passion and emotional exploration. The strong bursts of energy that emanate from your personalities somehow misses the mark in this relationship, which is almost ineffectual at times. Yet marriage can work here if you both make yourselves uphold your mutual responsiblities. More often than not, you will be playful with each other, but you can both be rather lazy when it comes to cleaning up or looking after the kids.

    Your friend has a need for love and attention and can show some irrational acting-out if he doesn't get it. He can be ferociously controlling, emotionally manipulative, and demanding at times, too. He has a fear of being held too closely even though he needs it. Yet he is also affectionate, ardent, loving, romantic and impossible to resist when he is feeling good about himself. But when he hates himself - watch out! At such times he will be so obsessed with his own pain and insecurities that he will even push away those who love him by dominating and controlling them. He can easily fall victim to a need to be superior and his own high standards. He needs to release long-held resentments of early rejections and to moderate a rather suspicious nature, allowing creative expression to soften him. A preoccupation with work or professional matters may harm his personal life. What he really wants is to be adored and find someone who returns his passion but what holds him back is his need for others' approval.

    You Passionate87 like rational explanations for everything, only to end up having to fill the gaps with your own broad interpretations of what you perceive to be the truth. You must learn to live in the moment and release all preconceptions. Relinquish some of your responsibility, your sense of duty and need for control, and learn to acknowledge your own feelings and go with the flow. You're almost obsessed with being sane and may even have a fear of losing your mental or physical health. You may be torn between science and art - you must let the poetic genius in you and your rebellious curiosity out more often. As long as you include your heart's truest impulses in your sense of what really matters, your talent for getting back to basics and the realisation that you can make your own rules will help you find much success. What you really want is to be right all the time and to be following 'the plan' 100% of the time, for everyone to be in total alignment with 'the plan' that you think is right. But your compulsive need for order can hold you back and you must accept that you don't really know what 'the plan' is. By trusting and surrendering to the wisdom of a Higher Power and releasing your tight grip on what you think you can control, you can watch life's circumstances with the conviction that what is unfolding is indeed part of 'the plan'. Then your way becomes clear.

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