Hello Shuabby :)

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I have read so many wonderful responses from you to others and have really "felt" your sincerity and I just know how gifted you are intuitively, it has been a very long time since I asked for any readings from anyone as I know deep in my heart that we all are responsible for creating our own destiny, and coming to realise this made me to think for a long time that I should "do this on my own" and I truly have tried SO hard to create a better life for myself, I began to think I only needed myself and to research and research "everything" to try and achieve and create my own happiness, But, I have now realised after all this time I "do" need help from the ones who are more in tune than I am at this moment in time to maybe show me if I'm on the right path to achieve my hearts desire?, and I have realised we can't just do all this "on our own" after all we are all one, and we certainly do need each others help and guidance, to share our love and concern for each other, so now I have come to my senses and realise I just can't do everything on my own without asking for a little help on the way, I really would love some insight from you if you could pick up anything from me, I don't have any specific question apart from my, lets say, "frustration" of not yet manifesting a move to a new home I would feel comfortable, safe and happy in.....but apart from that, anything you could pick up for me that maybe give me a "step up" towards achieving my goals I would be SO grateful to hear....

    Please know I will totally understand if it's not possible for you to do this for me at the moment. I leave this now by saying how much I appreciate you and your wonderful insight with helping all the ones on Tarot.

    Much gratitude to you Shuabby



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  • Hi, it's me again...... just in case you need my birth date, it is 2nd December 1951

    Thanks šŸ™‚

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