New or new to me car?

  • My vehicle died and well I could say more about the whole situation but I won't! Just not in the mood!

    This situation is depressing me because I feel so trapped! I don' t have a car now! I am by myself and just am wondering when will my new or new to me car arrive? I drove one today (it was blue) and unfortunately I've got to get my moms help to buy it.

    Any vibes about this situation, it's driving me nuts! I feel like I don't know if I'm coming or going...well I guess neither! YESH!!

  • Bump!

    Still have to get this figured out and ASAP at that!

  • Hello bejeweled

    Yes, you will get a car I feel like it will be a red or white car and a med size car to boot. January is a very good time to buy a car new or used. I feel like this will be a one owner car and that it was well taken care of with low miles for the age of the car which will be around three to four years old. So hang in there you have a very good car coming to you that will last you a long time.


  • Thanks!

    This has been driving (pardon the pun!) me crazy!!

    I've been wondering something with this. Is there a chance that there will be 2 cars coming my way? I have a daughter needing a car to and I am hoping somehow we are going to wind up with 2 cars!

  • my funny to that to though is I have been driving my moms car and its white

  • The little red car has arrived! In December, but medium sized! 2010 with 18,000 miles on it. Well taken care of was a rental car.


  • Dear bejeweledbyroo.

    Great to hear that your Christmas wish came true. THe car will be a good one. Red is such a beautiful color.


  • Thank you! Yes indeed it is! Haven't owned a red car in years, but couldn't resist this one! Fits me too I am becoming more fiery in my old age! lol


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