Relationship Query Please

  • I've gone across several websites and many tend to say that Cancer males have a tendency to come and go as they please, that this is normal for them, when they become distant. However, I get the sense that this isn't a Cancer tendency and maybe things are over and I should move on.

    I'm a Scorpio (11-12-80) and my question is fairly simple. Is this the action of a typical Cancer, which means I should just wait or should I move on and if so are there any romantic interests in my near future?

    I think I've invested a lot of energy into this male and I simply need to either deal with it if there is something there or move on.

    Thanks for your time.

  • What is his birthdate?

  • 7/1/81

  • This combination is not well favoured for a love affair or marriage. Too often here the facade that you two present to friends, relatives and the public at large belies the true state of things. The relationship is enigmatic then and hard to grasp, even for the two of you yourselves. Although you are both water signs, associated with feelings, the general tone of the relationship is earthy, giving it a pragmatic, grounded and physical side that emphasizes responsibility but can also be characterized as judgmental and prone to laying on guilt and blame.

    In a love affair or marriage, your friend is likely to resent your controlling and possessive attitudes. He is usually on the receiving end of your punishment, and the relationship may in fact have a slightly sado-masochistic character. Part of the problem here is that your friend has a desperate need to express his feelings while you build your entire ego structure around controlling yours. Threatened by your friend's displays of emotion, you tend to repress and dominate - when actually you would do well to learn a thing or two. Your friend has an uncanny ability to needle you and, since neither of you will act especially long-suffering if you don't get what you want, neither will hesitate to seek satisfaction elsewhere if the relationship fails to provide it. Neither of you will tolerate being treated like a football for long. Lest this picture looks unduly gloomy, it must also be said that you two can also be happy together, but only if dedication, honesty, and accepting nonjudgmental and affectionate attitudes prevail. If sharing and openness are not present, then the future for this relationship is bleak.

  • The only part that seems not to "jive" so to speak is the idea that he has a desperate need to express his feelings. I've never gotten that impression from him. Hey may even think I'm controlling and possessive, as I am trying to see it from his point of view and I can see where he would get "controlling and possessive". I also don't think he's been on the receiving end of my punishment, but again I did look at it from his point of view and perhaps my sarcasm was taken too seriously?

    Thank you for your time. The next time he comes out of his shell so to speak, I'm going to pay more attention to see if he is trying to express his feelings. It's something to think about.

    Thank you again. I'll keep you updated.

  • Yes indeedy Cancers are ultra sensitive people and even something said with mild sarcasm can assume mega proportions with them. And Cancers are all about feelings.

  • take it from me im a cancer, we do a run around because we get scared, or because something hurts us emotionally it might not even be you, sometimes, we tend to survey how things have gone. Were great thinkers perhaps our greatest downfall is we will analyze everything come to terms with what has gone then make decisions based on how we feel everything went down.

    If hes being cold, assure him how ever you know possible that your there for him he will greatly appreciate it and sooner or later will come back around to you if he hasnt been hurt to deep, we LOVE reassurance and sometimes thats just what we need to snap us back to reality and out of our shells.

    We dont like to express our feelings because were very suspectibe to being hurt, because we feel that anyone who is that close to use can potentially harm us in the future, but you will see the longer u stick by him the more he will open up to you if thats what he really wants..

    If you really want to pursue him you must learn to give him a little space this tug of war has to happen in his eyes for him to justify the feelings he has for you. In essences we want to feel wanted, and we want to know if we were to leave ur life that ud miss us.

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