Numbers, Signs, and Elements

  • I think I'm on to something here...

    Another of my interests is video games and pen and paper role playing, for which I decided to make my own system of elemental magic. While I didn't have any particular numbers in mind, I wound up with nine distinct elements, and two special elements 10 spirit or divine magick and 11 arcane or low magick.

    It is explained in this order:

    1. Fire. explosion. big bang. energy. dancing. burning. consuming. Does this sound like 1 energy to you?

    2. Water. Ineffective as individual droplets of rain, but unstoppable together as an ocean or tidal wave. Strength in society is an unmistakable aspect of the 2 vibration.

    3. Air. going here and there, erupting into expressions of turbulent storms.

    4. Earth. the creation of solid structures, foundations, and buildings.

    5. Energy. divine lightning within the storm, with two polarities. Electricity and all the freedom modern technology brings with it. Including exploration of...

    6. Shadow. space. Akasha. The celestial neighborhood, held together by this number and this substance. The foolproofing of freedom finished, the great work complete.

    7. Light. Sunlight. Illumination. As such that life is cultivated.

    8. Nature. Hint, eights love, I mean love, greenery. By nature I mean that which grows out of the earth. Humans and Animals are creatures of change.

    9. Time, a human term for change. In the infinite aeons that pass it's clear change will be needed. The 9th, or 5th element if paired, makes creatures that move about freely over billions of years of evolution and they continue to change. They are given the freedom of life, but are subject to death and decay. This element consumes nature. Fire struggles with a living leaf, but burns up a dead one no problem.

    For the zodiac, the four cardinal signs which change seasons are 9. The four fixed signs are prime elements, and the last four signs are the other aspect: light with fire, lightning with wind, akasha with water, and nature with earth. Notice these pairings are always odd with odd, even with even.

    On the pentagram use right for mercy and left for severity. Fire and water at the top, wind and earth at the bottom. Time at the head, coupled with spirit and/or the arcane.

    I came up with the order because I was thinking about which elements should be weak to what. So ideas like water and wind putting out fire, lightning electrifying water, shadow consuming earth in it's void, lighting shining in the darkness, nature living off of light, time consuming and changing all. I guess I should have included numerology references in my elemental compendium. Oh well.

    There is wisdom in nature. I'm kind of like Spekkio here, finding your element and handin out magic, lol. invoke the element in your dealings and meditations, the results will be... magical. "I am the master of war, phew sometimes I scare myself." "Well let me put it this way. If you're strong then I look strong to you, if you're weak then I appear weak."


    The elements will probably do good here too. My challenge till 31 is 3, and my pinnacle is 4. So it's trying to find ground, build a life, a foundation, in the midst of an on going storm. Indeed that is what my life has been like. The result is the life cycle, in this case 5 for freedom, but in elemental terms I think it means I was to be hit with the good ole lightning bolt. lol

    Oh yeah and lastly, being able to number the elements gives you the ability to find wisdom in every interaction of the natural world and see how it is mirrored in humanity. Now when you think about things like water turning into clouds and pouring down onto earth as droplets, then going off into the stream, which go off any which way. This translates to 2345. There is meaning to reflect by symbol in literally everything done by man, animal, nature, and god alike.

    "It's not the universe is a computer, it's that the computer is a universe."

  • Thank you for your post, as I knowing there is someone else out there who has not only contemplated such an insane notion, but who also has come to the same conclusion as me; that it is looking more and more likely that when Bill Gates has countless humans happily proclaiming 'I'm a P.C.', he really means it.

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