White drop or White shadow in front of my sons room, what is it?

  • One day I going to my room but I need to pass my son's room first. The hallway light was off and his room too. I saw a white drop coming down from the ceiling in his room. I saw this a couple of times but left it at that. One day I was in my room and my son called me and told me there was a white drop coming down from the ceiling. This time I decided to climb on a child and check the ceiling if there was a leaks, it was dry. It's amazing how both of us saw the same thing. My son was maybe 6 or 7 years old when this happen he is now 10. I have also seen a women in white clothing in front of his room and I feel sometimes a child running thoughtout my room. Now because of this other dark presence, "ghost" that exist in my home for years he has been in life, I am concerned that he may bother my son. Sometimes my son tells me he can't sleep. Can anyone help me with this and get a reading?

  • Hello SpanishRose~

    I am not sure how to do a reading, but for psychic protection have you thought about washing the walls with lavender, rosemary, or sage aromatherapy? Burning sage may also help; and sprinkling salt around the corners of the house? Sometimes this helps clean the aura of the home. This helps us sometimes when we feel creeping around our home.


  • Dear Spanishrose45,

    You sound like you need to call in the TV Peranormal Team to investigate your home for you. They would be interested in a dwelling such as yours. Go online to Syliva Brown .org and ask her this question also, as she is a world known medium and has done ghost investigations and written a book about them. I hope you live in the US if not you still should be able to find peranormal investigators in your area.

    Good Luck


  • IHi everyone,

    To TaurusDreamer, ...I am going to clean my apartment. I am going to buy these things tomorrow. This will help until I can get someone to preform his work and get rid of this ghost

    forever. It's done enough harm.

    To Shuabby

    Yes I do live in the US. I never thought about that. Something to think about and check into.

  • Hello SpanishRose,

    Good luck with that! Hopefully you will be able clear the apartment so that you can have peace. In the past this has helped us when we have encountered similar situations. Sometimes ringing bells can clear out negative energy etc. as well.

    Also, having someone come in who knows how to exorcise/investigate like Shuabby said would be good too! We've never done that before-- didn't even realize it could be done!!!

    Best of luck.,


  • it would be interesting to try and have someone investigate. Never thought about that myself. If I would have to pay..then there will be a problem, still trying to sort out my financial situation.

  • Dear SpanishRose45,

    Honey I think that they pay you to come in to investigate, or something can be worked out for the good of all.


  • to Shuabby

    I guess I won't be calling,...just wait until I can get the help...in the mean time...

  • check University of Michigan/Duke University; Paranormal Depts/connected, to "departments" Electromagnetic Energies; If you, are interested, I/WE have a resident ghost, attached, to "the Land"; apparently, we "built over" him, his house; we wouldn't consider, "getting rid" of Him, for anything; we, "offered" him, the choice:"you're work/time is finished.... you are free, to go, or free, to stay, and "keep caring for/defending/protecting"; he stayed; up to you though! Cat-in-the-Moon

  • Cat-in-the-moon

    I don't understand you're message. Can you explain?

  • SpanishRose 45, Greetings!, certain, university(s), have developed, "paranormal"/"ghostbuster" depts, (for real!) this, branching off, of departments, of "certified"studies, like electromagnetic, engineering, physics, etc., the first(I believe) was in England, Oxford/Cambridge; In the US, first, was, Duke University/NCarolina, then, one of major, California, Schools, and University of Michigan; I have not lived, in Michigan, for 15 years, but, shortly, before I left, The UNM team, had, gone to a famous, Landmark House, making the "news" for, that reason; the house, was near, Washington, Michigan(virtually, non existant, as a town, but near, Romeo, Mi) the house is known, as the "Octogon House", for obvious, reasons, built, early, 1800's, and commonly, known, to have been "haunted", decades; short, of long story, house, was "haunted", technically, a clear, electromagnetic presence/"Anomoly", could, be documented, with, state of the art, electronic, equipment; regretably, there was, a misunderstanding, between owners, of the house/University staff; the owners, merely, wanted, "documentation", staffers, thought, they wanted, "the spirit/ghost", to be "free", to leave. "she", left, and the "haunting" was over. we, do have, the resident, spirit/ghost, we refer, to him, as "caretaker", as previously, mentioned, he chose, to remain, and, probably, a good thing! we, have strong reason, to believe, very long story, he is an archaic, Hopi, Indian; I have seen him twice, our cats, see, him, frequently; I think, your, son, you, are likely, fine; you've been there, a period, of time, chances are, your spirits, are, not, even, aware, of "You"; do, you have, animals, by chance? if animals, have no problem, with the room, you don't either; but, don't, be afraid; sometimes, histories, exist, you can pursue, that, but, that is mostly, done, for curiosity/documentation; some States, have real estate, disclosure laws, concerning, haunted houses. any way, give this some thought, or research, let me know, what you think! if I can be of further, assistance, please, let me know. Not to Fear! Hugs! Cat-in-the-Moon

  • Hi Cat-in-the-moon

    I understand, but in my case he is aware of me, my son does not see anything, but he tells me he can't sleep sometimes, waking up in the middle of the night. I hoping that IT hasn't bother in any way. He has done enough harm to me and people I fell in love with. 2 nights in row I felt like someone was blowing in my ear, then a sound. I felt it close, very close to me. I was in bed. I wonder cuz I feel it more when I am in my bed. This blowing and sound in the ear was last night and at almost 10:00pm today. I don't have any animals except a fish. I was going to get a cat, but then again, my financial situation doesn't permit, to buy anything, still trying to figure out how I am going to pay my bills this month. Anyway, this is very interesting, I don't fear, but I am angry that IT has remain by my side since I was 18 years old. Now I feel him more because, I am developing spiritually and it has cause alot of trouble, in my love life, everything that I do positive turns out negative. I have been in the US since 98' and before that I was in PR, where it started when I was 18, I am now 45. To long. I would like to learn more of this. Thanks for your information and help.

  • OH!(OOOOOOOOOOH!) is PR, Puerto Rico? are, you, possibly, "African"descended, whole, or in part? Hispanic, in some way? Yes, you do, have, a problem; the reason, I inquire, about, Ethnic, background, (Experiences, of Friends, "talked", of similar, "circumstances", and were, "mixed", ethnologically, as, previously, mentioned, and "resolved", depending, on which person, which philosophy/religion, they adherred, to: Voodoo/Curendera/Catholic Priest, does, any of that, apply? Also, check on line, Sylvia Brown, James Van Pragh, other, than that, I can only, offer, sympathy, and admiration, for your, apparent, Strength, Endurance, and Courage! Hugs! Cat PS could it possibly, be, a deased loved-one, who's, attempting, to protect you?

  • To cat-in-the-moon

    Yes I am hispanic, though I was born in the US, I lived in Puerto Rico for 20 years, My family from grandparents and back were born in PR. My grandmother, (mom's side) she is darker than me, I am light skin, she is like caramel and so are her siblings. I guess there is a mixed, maybe I should start a genealogy tree and go back to see how far I can go and learn. Anyway, I would not doubt if I do have african american descendent. My family do believe in " espiritismo" so I can not translate that, My family also has gifts, I had a late aunt that use to read the spanish cards, very gifted, Now who are you refering to when you ask, could it be posibly a deceased loved one, protecting me? I know that IT (evil dark force) was a boyfriend of mine back when I was young, He died at the age of 22, I was 18, We were b/f's when I was 14 and he 18. Now this other lady dressed in white I have no idea who she is. Someone told me that she might be a grrandmother who wants to protect me but I need to call her if I want. Haven't felt her. Since I don't have the gift of sight, I can only hear and feel, it's hard to determine. but I know who sits in my bed when trying to bother me. One time I felt someone caress my cheek, that woke me up, I didn't move to see if it was going to do anything else. I guess this ghost must be good. I believe I have more three so far, I also felt a child or small adult. cause it likes to run and the feet sound different, haven't heard from this child in months.

  • well, you said, this "problem" started, when, you were 18, evil boyfriend, died, when you were, 18; seems, too much, of a coincidence, doesn't, it? was, think back, some sort, of, unfinished, business, between you and him? something, he, would need, to resolve, to "move" on? an arguement, never forgiven, perhaps!

  • Hi cat-in-the-moon,

    I was 14 and he was 18, he was my first b/f, and I was his first g/f. I ended it 5 months later. My feelings where not the same. I liked him, but I didn't love him. He on the other hand did. I had met someone, who turn out to be a great friend and died a few months ago, My ex knew him too, this new friend whom I will call Jose, became a family friend, we were never b/f, he was my first real love. He stayed in Puerto Rico, where I was living at, and left months later to the US. He always repected, didn't want to hurt me, so he left. When I was 18, walking with my mom I had this feeling that he was visiting PR. Now when he left he never wrote, whenever I wanted to ask for him, I will ask his mom. That day with my mom, was strange, I felt him so close, and I knew he was coming to visit. A week later he was in PR. This happen to me 2 more times, different years. With my ex, when I left him, even though we lived in the same town we never spoke. he started to do things he never did. Drink and drugs, walking with the wrong people and working for them as well. He might be angry at me for leaving him, for loving someone else, Jose. I had someone tell me that he is with me and says " if you are not mine, you will be to no one other. This psychic, told me things that I was going though, and I told no one except my mom. I will feel the bed go down, like when you sit, if I was laying at my side, he would hug me, lay behind. The way he died was awful, and dying at a young age, that may be another reason. They say he overdosed and some say he was killed. So I know it is my ex, who is bothering me, I am not afraid, but angry and want to go away. I have someone that can help me, but he is in PR, someone that can help him move on. But at the moment iI don't have the money to go to PR. That is why I am thinking of doing a candle fundraiser, to buy the tickets and pay off some of my bills. I don't work, I am a veteran, waiting for a claim. Anyway, I believe that is here for me not to be happy with one, I strongly believe he had something to do with H and I not being together. I have been told by the same psychic and friend psychic, that he wants me to himself, he thinks we are a couple, and no man will enter my life. If so he will make sure that it ends. But now I am fed up, I have been developing espiritually, and that is why I can feel so crisp. After I knew H had gotten marry, I knew my ex (IT) had something to do with us parting and him moving on. H and I had a strong bond, like with Jose, but with H was stronger. ...wow I could probably write a book about this...

  • I don't, know; I, think, you, should, seek, some sort, of professional, whatever,(priest, pastor...) your "background", (religion, ethnology, traditions, etc.) you would feel comfortable, with advice, assistance; I don't, think, you should wait, but, you, must be comfortable, foremost. Hugs Cat

  • I was going to church, I told the pastor, and had ask them to pray, I told them the story. But it didn't work, I believe in God, had ask for help, but it is still here.


  • SpanishRose, you have had so many people tell you to go and get professional help(including me...), maybe this means that you should actually do it?????

  • Hi everyone...

    I do have someone but he lives in Puerto Rico. Which at the moment I can't go, because of financial problems. This psychic has known me from years, and he is very strong. In the mean time I am going to clean my home, and myself.

    Hope you have a nice day.

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