Cancer male has me clueless...

  • Please please buy a copy of Linda Goodmans Love Signs it tells u about every male start sign and every female star sign and how they react to each other in life and love its brilliant please read it will give u amazin insight I promise it has helped me soooooooooo much


  • I read about Cancers in that book and her Sun Sign book.... man I hope my Cancer moves on from his ex and decides to come after me!

  • i am a taurus as well and i believe that we are very curious creatures and that once we find someone we wont let go until we know everything about them but then we tend to get bored. Thats why cancer is the best companion for use, they hide their deep thoughts and let us try and figure them out and even knowing each other for 100 years the taurus will still not tire of trying to get to know the cancer. But sometimes we are fooled by cancers because they interest us so much. we fall for their mysterious minds and not for who they are. You might really like your cancer but i bet you that your mostly curious about whats going on in his life. That might be the only connection you are feeling. If he told you everything about himself you would then realize that he isn't treating you the way he should and you would slowly become distant. I'm glad you decided to move on because now you can find someone who is willing to help you through this time of need. Hope everything goes well for you. stay strong and positive 😄

  • Stay strong for you,you are important! Let everything else run it's course,you will be just fine. My prayer's are with you.

  • To the gal with Cervical cancer:

    You have never told us if your Cancer is under control or how early it was detected.

    Cancer is a very scary word to most people and an even scarier word to a man who is a Cancer. Cancer men are ones who never forget nor do they forgive easily. I have a feeling that your Cancer man is very scared and confused about possibly loosing another person that he loves dearly. For him the easiest way to stop this is to withdrawl from the entire personal affair. I know this may sound very hard and almost cowardly but this is a typical reaction for most, when possibly loosing a person who they care about. I am truely praying that your Cancer has been caught early and is under control. Believe me when I tell you your Cancer man is heartbroken. He is confused and afraid. Please remember that Cancer people need to retreat into their shells when they are threatened for protection. I know that you need his understanding and compassion right now but he also needs yours. You need to take care of yourself first. I'm not going to try to fill you full of false hope and tell you he will come back, if things are ment to be they are ment to be. I truely do believe you two will meet again. Good luck, my prayers are with you

  • To NiceTaurus: I am so sorry to hear what you're going through, with your illness and with your Cancer friend. Firstly I hope the treatments you are having are helping you a lot in making you get better. Secondly, I understand why you cannot forget someone with whom you are so spiritually connected with! I'm in the same boat as you and I'm so glad I found this Forum. You see the man I have strong feelings for is also a Cancer, and I too feel so deeply connected to him, although I've only known him since last September, but there's this strong pull that keeps me drawn to him. We both work in the same building, and like yours, it has started off as just friendship (for now.) But I want more, so eventually I asked him. I've dropped lots of hints but he just won't ask me out. He keeps making all kinds of excuses. I know there's a deep attraction, but he is so scared of committment. (This one's been very hurt in his past relationships. He's divorced by the way.) Whenever he gets close to me, he puts a barrier and takes a few steps back which hurts me a lot. Some days he just ignores me saying he's busy, which kills me. Then it's back to normal. But he still hasn't asked me out. (And mine is 57!) I too have been told to forget him (by friends, but never from psychics.) But I can't do that. We have a deep connection. You're lucky yours told you he loves you. Mine just won't admit his feelings for me (and I know he has them, although at the moment we're just very good friends.) I feel the reason your friend deleted you from his Facebook and MySpace is because he's scared of his feelings. Scared how to deal with your illness. He has shut himself off from you (like mine does at times.) I really think your friend is doing the cowardly thing. He should really be there for you just when you need him. I hope he realizes the wrong he has done you and comes back to you soon, or at least contacts you. It is so hard to forget someone you truly care for. If you feel that pull towards him, don't give up. I know I never will give up hope. At least you went out with him (I'm still waiting!). Another thing, my psychic told me never to push anything on my friend (which I keep doing, and I keep making matters worse for us.) I'm thinking maybe you were pushing your friend too hard? Have you tried texting him again, just to see how he is, as I know you're very concerned about him. Please take care of yourself. I will be praying for you. Always have positive thoughts and I'm sure everything will work out between you and your friend.

  • Librachild I thank you for your words, I feel like you understand my feelings and KarenH61 I thank you as well. I have not put my life on hold but I have not given up on him either. He was there when I was diagnosed and I have shared with him my frustrations. I try to text him once a week just to let him know that I care. Nothing heavy, I always pray for him every night and I burn a candle for for him as I meditate. I really believe that the only reason he shut me out is because I'm sick. I spoke with one of his boys last night and he gave me the impression that he is not seeing anybody else but he is not responding to my text and calling only to get the voicemail is not great for my spirits so I'm just focusing on me. I'm curious to know what your psychic says though. This is the only man that I've ever considered going to a psychic for, I didn't even want to visit a psychic when my ex-husband left me suddenly. I've never been the type of woman who fights for a man, I often have many suitors (I had two dates this past weekend) but this man has my heart.

  • Nicetaurus: It's weird for me as well with my Cancer man. I too get asked out alot, but this Cancer man has me so curious!!! Hence I'm on this forum and reading alot about Cancer habits! Like I got the feeling part of what this is is being a Cancer... I hope all our research isn't just for nothing and we have our answers someday. As far as deleting you from Myspace and Facebook, he knows he needs space right now, and needs to regain his center. I blocked my last boyfriend for awhile, because I couldn't deal with seeing pictures of him and updates for that time being. When I was ready, I contacted him again, he thought I blocked him cuz I didn't want him to see me- but I just couldn't bare seeing him, the pain was just too great. You've said kind words to him since then, he'll apprieciate you giving him his space.

    If the man can barely handle his own emotions, he's going to have a hard time handling your emotions during this time with your health.

  • UPDATE: I still have not heard from my Cancer man. I will be a month May 2nd that I last heard from him. I'm not going to go to his home or try to reach out to him in any other way, I'm just going to put this behind me. I have no ill feelings towards him but I will just take his efforts to not communicate with me as him not being interested in a friend to me. I will focus (as I, always have) on getting well and pressing forward.

    I really enjoy astrology and you guys have been so helpful but I really just think that he made the decision to just leave me alone. I'm happy and loving life, I'm meeting great people and I'm really focused on the future. Thanks again, I still pray for him everyday and I would welcome his friendship in my life someday but I will just take it as for what ever reason, our season has ended.

  • BTW, I read Linda Goodmans book on Taurus woman/Cancer man interaction, and it is right. She said that when we hurt each other we hurt each other deeply. That was hauntingly true to me. I feel like we are both hurt in this, I'm too stubborn and he's just to reserved in his shell to address what ever issue he has with me.

  • Dear nicetaurus: Please read my forum: "Gemini in love with cancer man". I think you'll find it quite interesting.

  • After reading this, I found it funny. I am having this same experience. I am a cancer woman dating a cancer male. I wanted to read about the cancer male and see if he was wishy washy and wanted to know more about his character. Ironically enough, I am a cancer female too. My boyfriend is a cancer. We've been together for about a year now (long distance when he is away at school but together when he is home for the holidays and summer). We recently decided we wanted to get married and have kids, move in together and planned our entire lives together. We had such a strong spiritual connection/emotional/physical. It was like he was my soul mate. My best friend and my lover. He and I had so much in common as far as interests and what books/movies/tv shows we watched/read. He was so sweet and great at professing his love to me daily when we were in person and on the phone and through text. He was the best boyfriend ever and now all of a sudden he is about to come home from school for the summer and three weeks prior he starts acting funny. So I just assume something is wrong. I know he doesnt want to come back to see his parents, etc. And that he's overwhelemed and such with finals, etc. but then I call him and he calls back and tells me 'i just can't' and hangs up the phone on me. He doesnt call me for three days later. He tells me he broke his phone, trashed his room and went for a run afterwards. That he was upset and doesnt have much faith in our relationship anymore because of the distance and where we are at in life. When I asked him if he was still in love with me. He said yes that he is and that's why this is so hard for him. He sincerely meant it and is acting all tragic and severe and trying his hardes to get rid of me all of a sudden. We met the other day for the first time after our conversation on the phone and I kissed him and we had a good time but he didnt want to make any commitments or promises and wanted to be together but didnt want to be together exclusively but at the same time I dont think he wants me to see other people. We've been faithful to each other for so long and I'm so concerned why he is doing this to me. I know he is still attracted to me very much physically and we are friends and have fun together and have so much in common so I'm not sure why he is pushing me away. I know I am older than him but I know that I am out of his league and prettier and have more life experience. The hardest part is that I was his first real girlfriend/first real love and the first person he had sex with. I know he still loves me but he can't even look me in the eye and then we start kissing and he wants to go all the way. And I'm like no you don't deserve it. And then he gets all sulky and pouts and acts like everything is fine but that he doesnt want anything to do with me again and then he holds my hand and I tell him I love him and he tells me he loves me. Then we kiss passionately and he acts cold again through emails and trys to not see me and sees me and keeps doing this. I dont know what to do. I dont know how to get through to him. I love him and I know he is the one I am supposed to be with but he has such a lack of life experience that he's not sure if the grass is greener on the other side. I am not a typical woman. I dont nag him. I am sweet to him and I give him so much physically, emotionally and want the same from him and I was so used to receiving it that now it's hard for me to understand why he is acting this way. I feel like he is trying so hard to get rid of me because he thinks it will be easier for us both since he has one more year of school left and he wants to pursue his career. I feel like he is intentionally pushing me away even though he loves me because he thinks it's the practical thing to do. Well, it's not. Sometimes you only have a few chances at love and he's the second person I've ever loved and I made the mistake he made the first time around not thinking I was ready. I dont want that to happen to us. I dont know how to get through to him. It's like I'd been waiting my whole life to find someone that could make me feel completely at there was no more wondering who was better around the corner. I have experience and I know and then I met him and now he w/ his lack of experience is acting so hard to be egotistical and macho and trying to get rid of all the x's and o's and protect himself from submitting to my love. This is so messed up. I feel like he is treating me like garbage and always calling things off and trying to avoid me purposely because he doesnt want me around to make him feel confused and he can't look me in the eyes because he loves me and he knows he messed up. But he doesnt want to loose his independence. How do I get through to him when words aren't working?

  • Hello everyone, I am new to this but I could'nt help but reading about Cancers because I dated one a year ago and even though it has been a year since he broke up with me I cannot seem to let it go. It maybe because he has tried to remain my friend this whole time. He went to China for about eight months and we were still e-mailing while he was gone. Now he is back and he does not live far from me. I have told him many times that it is too hard for me to be his friend after I have tried time and time again but out of the blue he will just text me. It is so confusing, and it gives me false hopes. On June 1st I e-mailed him and told him I cannot do this anymore and that I'm not going to respond to his text messages anymore either. He was in love with me 4 years before we finally starting going out and he made me fall in love with him. I knew I needed to work on myself before getting into a relationship with him because I knew I was going to ruin it, and thats exactly what I did. There was about 3 times I drank to much and let all my trust issues out on him and after each time he broke up with me. I always respected his wishes and left him alone, but he always came back, and now it does not seem like he is. He is having huge financial problems which he is not used to, but he knows I don't care about money. Whats weird to me is that after I e-mailed him he did not respond anything at all and he always does. Even though we are not together he always responds and if it's hours later he always explains why. Or if there is a big change in his life he always seems to let me know. I keep reading to just be patient or be a friend, but it is way too hard for me. I just hope I made the right decision because he was texting and on cinco de mayo we talked till 1:30a.m., but like I said I can't just be there if he may just be calling me because he is bored or maybe until someone else comes around if there is'nt someone else already. I guess there is nothing else I can do since I sent the e-mail already but I just want some kind of advice. He is a true Cancer when it comes to being sensitive, because that he is! But other than that he's not really moody and he always expressed his love for me he was not shy about that. But he sure did think he was always right, but sadly he was that is why I think I feel so guilty. I have grown up alot when it comes to relationships because of him and I had to do things to help myself , which I am very happy about. I just wish he would come back to me. I love him so much! HELP.

  • @Nicetaurus...My heart goes out to you...I pray for you to get well soon.

    Cancer Men? I'am sure a thousand web-sites with forums spilling out could be dedicated to them 🙂

    What is it that attracts them? Well...The romance and the light-side that u generally dont get to find elsewhere...atleast thats what I've experienced...Have read about how people say Cancer men dont like playing games...What the hell...mine plays ONLY games all the time...But am resisting falling in love with him now...know thats very difficult for cancerians are the easiest to fall for!! Hope ur guy comes to his senses and comes back to u...

  • I feel for you. I was with a cancer for 3 yrs. Didn't want to commite it was more friends with benifits. We didn't go out often he was a home body. I walked after 3yrs. We didn't talk for 11 yrs. I moved 2,000. miles away and 12 yrs later was visiting ran in to him he was still the same we started right were we left off. He said he really liked me and why don't I move back. He said he can't promise me anything but would like to go out with me again. I'm sure it would be the same see me when he wants to. He has never been married or had any children. You could say he is set in his ways. He is 52 now I'm 49 my kids are grown now. I'm very attracted to this guy can't explain it. Even after all these years we still click. I still live 2,000 miles away he does call and we talk for hrs. I did go back before christmas and stayed with him a week. He can be so lovable at times and very cold the next. A very moody person. He said I'm the only one that has put up with his moods. Well I also have my own moods I get into. I had thought of returning and seeing were it would go. Have seriously thought about it. It wouldn't work he doesn't want what I want. He wants all the benifits of a relationship when it is confeniet for him. He thinks of himself first always has and always will. I decieded to move on we still talk on the phone about once a month. I met a capricorn and it has been 6 months in this relationship and it is great we have somethings in common. And enough differences to make it work. Good luck That cancer tuged at my heart for years I can't explain why. Now I have moved on and things are great it does take time well it did me. To long. Anyways you are young wish you the best of luck.

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