• so..ive posted on here a few times and to make a long story short my cancer guy "friend" and i have decided to end our intimate relationship for a while. we're just in two completely different places about what we want. hes not ready for a commitment and i need something more stable. we tried the friends with benefits thing which was a BIG MISTAKE! waaay too many feelings involved. at this point its almost like we're taking a break from our friendship in order to save it. we just havent been getting along lately. we had a fight about something i was upset about and he felt i was being petty which is what a lot of our arguments were about actually...and i felt he doesnt respect my feelings. i realized i wanted more than he was able to offer me right now and i was getting upset about things a girlfriend would have the right to, and i wasnt his girlfriend. i agreed to the fwb and then my feelings started getting deeper...i also think his did and it scares him. he once told me my kindness scares him. hes been through some tough relationships so any little thing negative or any disagreement makes him retreat. this is my first cancer "friendship" so i didnt know anything about all that. ANYWAY... we're on a break basically. when i told him i couldnt be in an intimate relationship with him anymore without a commitment and that i wanted more he said the things i was saying were "turning him off" i told him thats fine. he can feel what he wants, but i dont want to be with someone who doesnt want to be with me. then i told him no matter what path our lives lead i would ALWAYS love him. he said that he loves me too. and he very very rarely says it. after disecting our convo (like pisces tend to do) the next day i sent him a text basically asking if i should leave him alone? since he said the things i said were "turning him off". i let him know i want him in my life but i wasnt gonna force it, if thats the way he felt. he didnt respond. hours later after i dissected wut i wrote (lol) i sent him another text saying "nevermind. dont answer that. its all love. i need to trust that and be patient (which i hate!) and know that he'll show me in his own time." he responded "yes". so now i wait. before we've had breaks but when i wouldnt contact him he would send me a text like "no hello?" so i dont know how to proceed. i feel in my heart that THIS TIME because of the build up of arguments lately, i need to just leave him alone and let him come to me. no type of contact at all. i think he's the one for me but i need to practice patience BIG TIME. i almost feel like this is make or break. im not willing to lose him or make the same mistakes. we've been friends since childhood and hes opened up to me in ways he never had with past girlfriends, and he confided he always had a crush on me and that im the first girl he's been intimate with that was friend first. he's been very patient with me cause i can be a bit much sometimes. very emotional. i lost my virginity to him last year (im a late bloomer and very cautious. im 29) so he's very special to me. i trust him so much and it would be a shame to lose him to somethin silly. anyone with insight on cancers can u help me understand if no contact is the way to go?

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  • btw hes a cancer sun, aquarius moon

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