16 Towers Divination - Tarot + Numerology

  • You will need your 4 core numbers, and reference for tarot symbols. Each of your 4 numbers contributes 4 minor arcana, these states will be applied in proper order.

    Start with this chart:

    1. lifepath (disks)

    2. Soul urge (wands)

    3. Personality (cups)

    4. Destiny (swords)

    Now write next to them, in order, the four minor arcana of all four numbers, but only of a single suit. In other words for lifepath you would only list the four cards that are disks. List the cards in the proper order. Here is my chart as an example:

    Like this: 1) lifepath 5. 5 of disks, 8 of disks, 10 of disks, then 9 of disks

    1. Lifepath 5 - hardtimes and prudence eventually lead to wealth and gain

    2. Soul urge 8 - strife, swiftness, and oppression, finally become strength

    3. Personality 1 - disappointment and indolence, saiety, and happiness

    4. Destiny 9 - defeat, interference, ruin, and cruelty

    By this method you will find the life cycles of your health in the four worlds, the last symbol being your conclusion. From mine we can see the influences of destiny or mind, mental learning, end in self cruelty or perfectionism. For me mental discontent fuels an impulse to learn, build, refine, and create. It's a mind that tackles problems, but is very hard on itself.

    I have titled this divination 16 towers, as the four fours total 16, and because each tower is a building to reach heaven, a symbol of divine understanding, and together 16 IS the tower, and adds up to 7. It may also refer to the forces that will knock down towers of false beliefs, baggage, and whatever else needs to go before our lives can be built properly.

    During the course, you will also have the major arcana associated with your symbols as guidence. When calculating your core numbers, 10 through 22 also count as the second major arcana, so keep their meaning before reducing to single digit.

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