A reading on my finances, please?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm in the midst of a battle to get reduced (in-state) tuition at my public school and it's been a massive headache. It would help me out a lot, and I'm almost certain I'm qualified, so I'm appealing their decision once again. Any psychics able to get a read on whether this is going to go my way? Is it worth it to keep grappling with the bureaucracy?

    I would appreciate any insight you can give me! Thanks!

  • Dear leilelaa,

    I sense that the timing is not right for this to take place, there are behind the seans happenings and I would say that Feb 2011 would be a much better time to begin this again.

  • That actually makes sense since I'll be getting a job in January & paying in-state taxes once again will help. Thank you Shuabby!

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