My husband

  • i need to find out if anyone can "see" if my husband,michael, is still cheating on me, or if he even love's me anymore? my name is lori-I am new here so don't know if anyone can help me,but, I just had to try & see. thank you so much!:)

  • Hello lorie421

    I feel your heartache and I also feel that Michael still does care and he is going through changes and acting out so to speak. I sense that there have been problems for a time with you both and that they have grown beyond a good communication level. Now, seperate ways is what I'm being showm, like a road dividing into two ways. Do you have two children as I feel children here?

    I know also that it is easier said than done when affairs of the heart are concerned. You and Michael need to be apart for awhile to sort our your true feelings and deceide what to do about them for the new year of your lives and your childrens.

    If you do deceide to divorce you will not be alone as I feel there is a man in the wings that would step forward to claim you if you were ready for such devotion.I hear a H in his name and he has brown wavy hair and feels like glasses are worn. He is smart and funny and will know how to make you laugh and have joyful times.

    You have free will to make your own choices Lorie , this is a clairvoyant reading and I read from spirit and your energy.

    Many Blessings to You


  • wow lori. i hope everything works out for you 🙂

    Shuabby can you help me? Im in limbo with a "special friend" right now. there have been sooo many issues lately that we have decided to take a break. i have little patience and i can be very emotional and expressive. hes the complete opposite but when things are good they are great. we've been friends for a long time. do you think we will stay friends or is there something more in the future for us? sometimes i think we miscommunicate so much!

  • Hello Piscestam,

    You must be with an Aries or Taurus, in which you will remain in a friendship with this man. Leave the romance part of it to heaven so to speak. You will meet a man that is more into you and will mix well with your personality and traits in the very near future. I feel he is a blonde or even a red head and he will have a very likable personality and be relieable and talks more from his heart than his head. Good match for you my dear. I am getting the name of Ted and Roger here.


  • hes actually a cancer. cancer sun/aquarius moon. wut do u mean by leave the romance part to heaven? meaning dont really work on trying to be with him romantically but let things flow naturally and if it happens so be it? im african american, never dated a caucasian before and wut u described for me def sounds caucasian lol. i would be open to it, im just surprised...

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