Hello shuabby could you please help me ?

  • hi

    l would like to know if you have time about what is writen for me cos l feel so lost

    l like this guy DOB 20/06/1970 but l feel that l have lost him somehow

    and l just keep on wishing even praying that he will feel for me as l feel for him .

    so if you be so kind and see whats write my DOB is 13/06/1979

    thank you for you time


  • Dear rac123,

    I sense that this is a wishful situation of the heart. In romance there always is a person that lends forward with their heart in their hand offering their love to one that lends backwards and has to be charmed and coddle into a love affair, that just may not last due to the lack of give and take and mutual love being given. This is what I feel in your situtation.

    You need to let go of him and if he sincerely cares for you he will come back to you with more love in his heart to give.

    You may want to ask the Captain to do a reading on your birthdates.


  • thank you shuabby

    its just so hard to let go sometimes . l feel so down l think my life is just for me alone


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