• Lately i just feel that everything is getting on top of me my daughter who is 10 is always moody she wont talk and when she does it seems as if she is always angry with me and the same with my husband ,i feel that i am surrounded by people that are not happy and i dont know why, i know that i am a very needy person always wanting to make people happy and constantly at them as to why they are not .I am a number 2 in numerology always trying to keep the peace i am trying to change and not be so needy as i know that people dont respect me for this, i feel as if this whole year has been one thing after another its like i cant get off first base, i would really appreaciate it if anybody could give me a reading on life in general to see if my situation will improve in the near future .

    Many thanks in advance Mags

  • Hello Mags,

    I'm marred to a number 2 and he does like to be a peaceful man but he can stand his ground when he needs to and that my dear is what I'm senseing with you. If your daughter is always moody you might want to check her diet and get her a physical check up . You are living your life standing in line last and this is what needs to change for you in the new year.

    You need to find outlets and friends that are entertaining and take you away from the family for awhile and just plain make you happy. You may want to look into getting some spiritual counsling as to why you are so needy. I feel like perhaps this comes from a childhood where your parents were either abusive or they did not pay attention to you. This is a carry over from how you were treated , and it is up to you to overcome these feelings and make peace with them, so that you can change and become more balanced and happier, therefore creatating a much healhier and happiper home life.

    A lot of people in the last two years have experienced so much hardship that they never thought they would . Hang in there as it will get better for you. I feel a new friend or two coming in around you here. I hear the name of Sally and Fredrica, look for them to help bring some cheer and balance to you.

    Happy Holidays


  • Dear Shaubby,

    Thankyou so much for doing a reading for me yes you are spot on growing up my parent wernt abusive we spent time together but noone really communicated if you know what i mean we were a happy family but i dont remeber us having long hearts to hearts together . I guess that could be why i am doing the opposite now i trying to hard and its driving them mad . I do need outlets this is the only one i have other than chatting to friends on the phone i dont go out much as my husband works afternoons and there is noone to look after the kids . I am looking forward to meeting my new friends i will keep you posted .

    Once again many thanks lots of love Mags

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