Placement of Buddha Figure and More Info

  • Hello everyone. I'm new here and I have a small buddha figure that I'd like to place somewhere in my house. But as I understand it a buddha figure can benefit in several areas of ones life depending on where I put it in my house. Who knows something about buddha figures in general? Someone with positive experiences to share?

  • hi taronette, i've been collecting buddhas for the past 3 years. i placed my first buddha in the fame section of my home unconsciously. without realizing, i suddenly became an officer in our community's association and gained lots of friends instanty. today, my home looks like a buddha's museum, not just because i want to enhance every aspect of my life but because it just feels right and very auspicious to have them around.

  • Hi Taronette,

    i'd be interested in what the buddha actually looks like.

    There are many different ones with a variety of names and sources for various levels of communication. As YehaNoha has discovered.

    A good way to find the best placement for him is to hold the figure and ponder a while and allow the images to flow for you. Then you will be guided where to place it for your own best interests.

    I'm no expert on buddhas but have a little knowledge i'll gladly share.

    I have a small figure which used to sit by my computer. I knew he was there to help with online advice and to reflect negative chi from the internet.

    Hope this helps .


  • Hi YehaNoha - very interesting indeed. Thanks for your input. I know for sure that I want atleast one in every gua and also one at my office. I just bought a pair of vintage earrings with smiling buddhas and I'm curious to find out if they have an effect when I wear them.

    Hi Verdana - thanks for your comment. I look forward to a bit of help from you, if possible. The buddha I have is a historical buddha, it's vintage and it's pretty heavy. I'm quite sure it's made from bronze. He's sitting like he's meditating. He holds a basket between his knees and it's decorated with leaves. On top of the basket is a wick and the basket is a chamber for lamp oil, so it's an oil lamp as well. The buddha is sitting on a platform that has four legs. On those four legs I see plants that grow from a ball. There's one plant on each leg. On the front of the basket I see some symbols. I don't know how to find out their meanings. I'm very curious to find out what kind of buddha he is. Right now he's sitting in my wealth gua, but I feel I should put him in my fame gua soon.



  • greetings, buddha is a powerful energy and especially fortuitious as a greeter by your front door. in your living room buddha blesses all of your gatherings, fame gua inspires work that has a community and divine purpose so that you may stand in your light , creativity and children area (the buddha with all of the children around him is especially apropros here) brings forth flashes of genius and allowing the inner child to play and create, helpful people/travel -ah, buddha 's hand is ever so perfect here, and for self cultivation and knowledge, any and all buddhas are lovely. to bless all who enter and all who leave our home, wei have a large buddha setting near our front door . buddha especially loves orange (healing) flowers-silks are perfectly wonderful. for energetic additional enhancement , display a mandala or lotus close by. buddha not only draws in benovelent and bountiful chi, we are reminded to live as gandhi said, "be the change you want to see in the world."

  • Hi Taronette,

    fengshuisimplified has it about right and is obviously knowledgable about buddhas.

    Your basket on the buddha you have represents the intricately woven spirituality in your home.

    It also represents patience as basket weaving is a painstakingly precise action which requires patience.

    Interesting it stands on four feet. The meaning of this as i see it is that you have four areas of spiritual gifts to explore. The leaves represent the ivy which has the potential to cling to the flimsiest of substances as it grows yet is independent in its growth. The idea is to trim it when it becomes too overgrown but with room to manouvre. It is all symbolic to life situations.

    The basket is also for asking to be filled with the fruits of our labours, symbolically.

    The fact it is also a lamp is significant to lighting the way to prosperity. So i think the wealth area is good for it right now.

    If i could actually see the facial expression and the overall shape and head of your buddha i could probably give you a name for him. In the sense of which deity he belongs to. Some are demi gods, such as Shiva. Though they can all be perceived as male or female depending on what you feel they are because they are androgenous.

    Hope this helps some,

    Verdana 🙂

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