Jealous Friends

  • I have these two good friends who are both sisters two years apart. Ive known them for 11 years and have always messed around with thier dad since the time i was little. Now that we are older they make some comments to me that make me feel bad for just play hitting and cracking jokes with thier dad. Im losing two good friends because of a totally platonic relationship with an older man an even though i think it is ridiculous of the accusations they have made i have sat and talked with both of them about it but nothing seems to help. What do i do?

  • There really is alot of different possibilities here. Why do you call him an older man instead of my friend's dad. Based on what you have said that this is totally ridiculous, leads me to believe it's their imaginaions. It sounds to me like they are teasing you. You can't go through life worried about what other people think. I would tell them to grow-up and get a life. Dee.

  • Wow! Immature people here. Dalia is completely right on this one. Don't let other people rule you on this. I believe they're insecure with your ability to communicate with their dad and it intimidates them so, they make you feel like the way they do inside. Anyway the lesson I feel here is, no one can make you feel anything. Don't allow them to do this. Its their loss in the end if they end the relationship based on immature attitudes.

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