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  • Hello Captain,

    I have to tell you, that you made some out of blue prediction to me in the past, that I was quite stunned, and to few I didn't believe and they unfolded to become true. I believe in your intuition a lot. So here is another thing I need help with.

    I have been having strong pounding and joggling of energy in the around the heart, for quite some time now. I say energy and not heart beat because it feels so. I just learned that there is the thymus gland. It is getting stronger and specially when I feel sad or I think on some unpleasant staff. It have start worrying me because it is getting intense and not going away. On the contrary, now i know if I think something unpleasant i think on the joggle inside there and that it appears right away. It is like I can call it to come and it does. Any advice? I wonder if this would be a problem to my heart. What do you see its happening??

    Thank You a lot as always and Happy Holidays to you!! a

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