• want a reading for my personal life. will the guy i recently had a misunderstanding with come back into my life and date me again? i committed a mistake and he wants to move on. he has forgiven me but says no to dating. will i be able to convince him into being together again?

  • Not as anything but acquaintances. He wants to keep things on a friendly but not too close basis.

  • What is the reason for him not wanting to be too close, is it because of the mistake i made, or he had those thoughts from before only? is there someone else he likes?

  • I highly sense that there were some trust issues involved here, and he has some inner difficulties with trusting others. My advice would be to go slow, as friends. Rebuild the trust, and once that is done you'll have another opportunity for a more serious, romantic relationship. However, I might add, there is also a strong possibility that it will be you, who doesn't want to pursue that route once he feels safe enough to let you back in. At the very least, the two of you will have forged a strong, potentially long-lasting friendship by then. Good Luck!

  • Dragannagi, I feel you have an intensity and a desperation that can frighten off more slower-moving prospective partners. You need to try and pull back and take things easier and less seriously. Be content to let things move at their own pace and relationships find their own natural status - become friends first before deciding whether or not to move to a more intimate level..

  • currently there is no contact from his side thro any mode of communication, how and when will we communicate again?

  • Hey hon, question to ya.

    Whats the rush? Where is the fire? What is so important that u need to RACE speed of light to get there? Whats there that makes u need to rush rush rush?

    take it from one who did this and learnt her lesson. By going at the slower potential partners pace, u get further than by rushing as u do now. Further when u set ur pace to ur potential /partner, u dont miss out on the loving vista and experiences n learnings along the way. consider please what u miss out on by race rush rush race rush swuussshhhhh speeding way ahead of urself.

    bless ya'


  • I don't feel he wants to communicate at the moment with you and is in fact distancing himself. There is a good lesson to be learnt here.

  • Painfully I have learnt the lesson. But it would help if i can know whether he will think to give me a chance or not?

  • He may BUT u need to show RESTRAINT, PATIENCE AND ALLOW him his SPACE n NEED of TIME to SOLVE whatever is in his life at this time. In short sit on ya hands n be a good girl!

    Think you can do that?

  • Use this time to discover just what it is that is making you so desperate and impatient for someone to love you. I think it shows that you don't love or respect yourself very much at all. And if you don't love and respect yourself, you won't attract anyone else who will either. What you give out comes back to you.

  • Exactly. I agreee with the captain on this!

  • I agree with both of you too, I will try my best to follow your advice, believe me I want to....but my culture, family and religion believes otherwise, I am stuck between two worlds/ patterns of thinking.

    Also I hope he comes back.

  • Unless you follow your own heart and wishes, you will never be happy. If you always do what other people want you to do, your life will neve be yours and you will be miserable.

  • thats exactly how i feel!!!! misrable , i really want to be able to fix my life! and believe me with every passing day, im learning the lessons in life. but the point is if i start listening to my heart, it means going totally against my family, against my culture and defying all norms, not that i dont have the courage to do that but i dont know whether i should sacrifice my happiness for my parents or go on my path least considering the expectations of othyers from me. from years now, i feel trapped within my family n siblings expectations not doing what i want!

  • This post is deleted!

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  • It is not what you put out only, its what you carry inside that affects your actions. Thoughts and perceptions then influence feelings and emotions then actions manifest, the intetnions are also a passive influence that resonates the magnetizing effects of what you bring in....Healing from past becuase past can influence your perception of situations.....you definatly want to release old thinking patterns....

    "I shelve all thoughts that do not serve my divine self"

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