Confused about who and what is coming through to me

  • Any help or reading would be greatly appreciated!! I have been on my personal journey of awakening to the truth of my self consciously since roughly June or July, and knew this is what i have been waiting for since I was a child and have felt divine energy,dreams, etc my whole life, but confused with who is coming through to me while working on my spiritual connections/meditation..and if its just me coming up with the answers..but sometimes i definitely know its not me but still unsure who it is or if there is more than one spirit or energy coming through..i know it sounds confusing..and just frustrated lately with how to harness this opened connection. Seriously any help would be great,thank you!!

    love and light!

    JML 6- 18 -1980

  • Good Luck Pyrenee some one will help you, follow your instincts and ask if they are of the "Christ Consciousness." 🙂

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