Why is 6 afraid of 7?

  • You may have heard this old joke as a child, but revisiting it with a knowledge of numerology is interesting to say the least...

    Why is 6 afraid of 7?

    Because 7, 8, 9

    (or because 7 ate 9)

    Lets plant this one in the garden of our subconscious minds and see what "aha's" emerge.

    I was reading something about the different cycles of formation and the tree of life. Seems that 6 is associated with paradise, and 7 is wherein we lose paradise. The fruits of knowledge of good and evil suggest duality. Instead of everything simply being love, or god, there is the idea that there can be something else.

    8 is where Justice occurs. In this state we have extreme rules and limitations because everyone is increasingly untrustworthy. It's not the way of paradise though, it's an artificial solution. 8 is the same symbol for Infinity, but it stands so that one circle sits upon the other instead of both existing side by side. For justice to be served, one side that is right must triumph over the other which is wrong. 8 is also a number of karma and transactions, not surprisingly.

    Then we get to 9. The last number, paradise turned upside down. Here the lower pile back into the higher circle of the spirit world instead of spirit pouring into a circling paradise of matter. The qabalah article I was reading said that at stage 9, the energies had finally gotten everything right, but now it's too late and they solidify into a state of still matter. They are now "wealth" to be aquired as the ten of pentacles of suggests, but otherwise dead.

    "In science we are born of 0, in faith we are born of 00."

    Science must have an origin for all things, but at the foundation all we cay say is that first there was nothingness and then it exploded. By science alone, none of us should exist. When you start talking "nothing" becoming "something" we invariable enter the realm of magick. 00 or Infinity is the equal and opposite extreme as zero, and just as energy is neither created nor destroyed it reminds us that infinite possibility exist.

    So... two forms of "perfection" or "purity", the infinite light which is so rapidly changing so fast that it's like being blind in a white room, and the pure darkness of complete emptiness onto which birth is an action demanding the reaction of death. Without energy we cease to be, but without the material world, which begins as nothingness, we can't exist as we do. The masculine energy is solidified within the female and given solid life. Everything on high is perfectly reflected on low, and duality is everywhere.

  • interesting ...

    I would like to implement, another tale I was told on the 6-7 theory.

    why is 666 significant ? because you have the option to go either way

    left or right [GOOD OR EVIL] its a balance...

  • Read the bible if you want to know about 666, read the revolution. "Revelations"

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