Whic signs are aquarius compatabile with

  • Hello Everyone i'm a february 17 aquarius & I'd like too known which signs are aquarius compatabile with they say Libras & Geminis & Aries & Sagittarius I've meet people in all these signs & Some i clicked with & some i didn't so how true is this

  • Well, Aquarius is also considedered to be good with Taurus and maybe Pisces. Aquarius is also compatible with Leo.

  • Hi

    Im a Pisces male and i think Aquarius and Pisces are very compatable and i love being with Aquariu's This may be because My saturn, mars, and venus planets are all in Aquarius but its true.

    Aquarius' are Great

    Jonathan B

  • I'm a gemini. I was married to an Aries (notice I said was), I am in a long term relationship with a sagittarius and have a friend that is an aquarius that I have very strong feelings for! His birthday is actually the 17th too lol. I don't know what it is but it's something I can't get enough of that's for sure. If both of our circumstances were different and it was possible to do so, I would love to test the theory. I honestly believe it would be a great thing! 🙂

    It's not the sign though, it's the person behind the sign. And any other aquarius probably wouldn't do because they aren't him. 🙂

  • My mum is an Aquarius and so is my ex Father in law.....both married to Cancers!! ( Both for about 40 years at least!)

    My moon is in Aquarius (Libra rising)and most of my friends are Aquarians as well as 2 of my sons (they haven't got girlfriends yet!)

  • I am an aquarius 2/1/81 and I have been with a Capricorn, and we get along most of the time, when he's not so confusing, and doesn't like sharing his fealing's! Us Aquarian's are awesome we are careing,exciting, all around awesome! Highly motivated when the going get's tough we get going! Very Artistic and love people and anything new and upcoming!

  • Im an Aquarius female and ive been with a Gemini, Leo, Pisces and Aries and the Gemini was the best match for me personally, not just relationship wise, I have two close friends that are Gemini's and we can talk about ANYTHING. I definately know Aquarians and Taureans dont match. We're apparantly both too stubborn and clash too much. DevineEvanescence; Capricorns are also a bad match for us, i agree with the "doesnt like sharing feelings" & they are confusing and think the worst in everything and make most things something there not. So with that said my conclusion to this is Aquarians are compatible with either another Aquarius or Gemini's. Depending on what you're looking for.

  • I am a sagittarius. I love to be with an aquarian. They are though very demanding. An Aquarian could be my dearest friend forever. My son is also an Aquarian. (my son has not got a girlfriend yet either/age 24). I have been married twice. My first husband (Aquarian)has been married five times(he says until he gets it right lol) I still love him though

  • I agree...there is a definite connection between Aquarius and Gemini! My ex (yha sadly he's an ex) and I loved to laugh, talk about everything and anything (we are great at this because Aquarius knows everything about anything and gemini knows a little about everything). We were both flexible and compromised, non-conventional, unique and easy going. So just what happened one might ask? Well, I (btw am the gemini female) don't want to finger point because as in all break-ups each have a role they played however it is really really important that each understands what their role was. This is how you learn and grow and learn what to do and not to do in the next relationship. For me, I was going through a period of being insecure....geminis have very high expectations of themselves and goals and when they are not met they ( at least myself) can experience insecurities. Then combine that with the elusive at times detatched Aquarius male who will avoid confrontations at all costs and poof....it hightened my insecurity. My aquarian ex interpretted it as me not trusting him. I NEVER felt any mistrust but he didn't believe me, so you know the old saying if there is no trust there is no relationship, so he left me! That was 4 months ago. It took me being removed from the relationship to understand how i could feel insecure yet know i could trust him. I have worked very hard to let go because frankly, I didn't really have an say in the matter. I have let go but far from moved on. It saddens me for what is lost because there truly was a connection....gee I think I rambled on ( it;s a gemini thing I guess) Bottom line...Gemini/Aquarian is a fun match!! 🙂

  • As Aquarius is an evolved air sign -- the best of them - the theory is that they should get on with everyone -- they are often the different ones and don't feel they fit in -- but if accepting of others - as they would like others to accpt them (for being different/individual) - then basicially they 'get on with everyone -- except maybe a too watery cancerian ?

    But fellow air signs and fire signs - and even LEO -- opposites attract - can be very good mix.

  • I am a virgo woman in love with a aquarius man, we have dating for two months now is he really so terrific, gentle, kind great lover etc or is this just to seduce and impress me and then he will change?

  • Warning....they have the tendancy to detach in their own little worlds, can be elusive ( which not to confuse with secretiveness) and can be so lost deep in thought that again appear almost lost in trance like state. It is weird for sure, but nobody is perfect. I wish you luck with this combination....i am not an expeert by any means with astrological compatability but I know that these two characteristic traits are quite opposite.

  • I dated an Aquarius for about 2 yrs, we knew each other before we dated. I'm a Cancer, with my moon in Aquarius. I suppose we had a lot in common. The need to "get away" from time to time. Privacy and freedom important to us both. It was odd at times how much we were alike. We had some of the same hobbies, enjoyed doing some of the same things. We would even meet up for a date and be dressed in the same colors. Our days, even thought apart, would be similar. Doing the same kinds of things and so on. We would laugh about how weird it was and we seemed to get along great. We thought the same way and valued the same things. At one point we both realized we were both "alphas" and like to be in control of certain things. We were both in leadership roles in our careers. Both independant and self sufficiant. There was of course some differences as I was a bit more traditional and shy. He was more expirienced than I. However, there came a time when there was this unexplained tension between us. I was'nt sure where it came from! I was not a typical girlfriend and did not want to be. We were both divorced and not wanting to play any games I decided to respect his freedom and privacy. I gave him a lot of space. But the tension was there! Maybe he read my body language and noticed I was uncomfortable when he would never make plans to see me, it was always up in the air with stuff like that. He would call and say hi, have conversation and then say "well, talk to you later" and when we talked about this he said that my silence created the tension. I, however, was confused as if I thought he might say "lets go out" and I didnt want to intrude on his space so I wouldnt ask him.

    It continued like this and I started to think he wanted out of the relationship. But he kept calling, seeing me, looking for me. I just sat back and waited on him. If he wanted to see me, then he should call me, and he would.

    Then it seemed that he started to dislike me, his behavior changed back and fourth. Just when I thought I would never hear from him again he would invite me for lunch on an out of town day trip. Or he would be very sweet and tender, other times he would avoid me like the plague.

    I was eventually hurt by his inconsistencies. He moved for work purposes and he pressed that we stay in contact and insisted we had a strong connection and should remain close friends. We stayed in contact for almost one and half years via email and phone calls. But the last I heard from him was six months ago and he has yet to reply to my last email.

    I have left so much out but it was good to write these words and vent a bit. I dont know if I will hear from him again or not. I sometimes ask myself why I care and continue to think about him? Has he totally detatched? Or is this his nature as an Aquarius?

  • My son is a Leo and his girlfriend is an Aquarius and they are both 19 years old. I have not had much experience with this combination as a couple, but it seems to be a very compatible solid connection between these two. Even thought they are young I have witnessed an intense level of feelings for one another ever since the relationship started. She was with someone else when my son met her that was not very good to her in that relationship, and my son remained her friend through all the problems she was going through until she finally left the person. After a time of getting over the breakup they finally started getting closer and he finally asked her to come visit him. She lived in another state far away and they knew each other over the Internet for over a year. She was one of many friendships my son has fostered over time with others that have similar interests as he does. So he waited for her for along time before she finally came to visit us. Well things went so well that she could not bring herself to leave and go back home so we invited her to stay. That was back in March and the two of them still seem inseparable. It is hard to explain but these two have the kind of connection you only see once in a very great while. The kind of bond that visibly speaks to the rest of the world that what they are seeing is the real thing, the kind of love that can go the distance. I know it sounds like I am exaggerating but believe me I am not. They are so compatible and in love that you can tangibly see it in each of them. And it has not wavered even a tiny bit since their relationship started. Anyway this has been my first and only experience with a union between a Leo and an Aquarius.

  • Well new aquaintence is a Sag and the new man in her life is a Cappy ....

    And she is Really enjoying her relationship , they are not living together ,, as if yet ,,,so

    can't say ,,, Just that they really seem to connect ,, he is a fireman and she is a beautian ,

    which reminds me that most Cappy love or very attractive to pretty ladies inside and out ,,,in other words easy going gals , as I'm an Aries women and I can be just to independant for my own good and bossy ....hahhahahaha well now in my late fifies ,,

    So andways maybe you ought to try finding a Capicorn man ,,, I had a Sag man aquaintence that was with a Cappy women and they even landed getting married and having a child ,,,

    Well it's a thought another thing is >>>>

    I have a book called " THE BOOK OF BIRTHDAYS " by > RUSSELL GRANT <


    For each day and month ,,, and gives you alot of insight...

    Good Luck to you and your boys , I'm sure when there really ready they will snatch the women of the dreams 🙂

  • I'm a Pisces and I've been dating an Aquarius man for just over a year. Everything you read says that Pisces and Aquas should not get along, but we do...wonderfully. I'm pretty sure one day I'll marry this one! 🙂

    I'm not sure if he's a typical Aqua or not...he's so open and he talks about everything, even the tough topics and he's very good at getting me to open up too. He's honest (to the core) and loyal and faithful, an amazing father, and a wonderful lover...he's truly become one of my best friends too....OK, sorry, now I'm just gushing.

    If he has ANY faults, it's that when things get stressfull or life starts moving really fast, he kind of becomes agitated, I've learned that at those moments I really have to just stand back and let him deal with the stress in his own way...he'll talk about it later, but at that moment he just needs to be left alone. He also has a tendency to sometimes blindly not see what his own children are doing (we both have kids) but I'm pretty sure this is more of a single father who has his kids part-time trait, rather than a Aqua trait. Anyway, the things that bother me are completely "work-out-able" and are pretty darn minor in the grand scheme of things.

    When I first met him I scoured the internet looking for success stories between Aqua and Pisces and to be honest I was completely disheartened that I found very, very few. In the end it didn't matter because no matter what the stars said, we ARE very compatible!

  • Crabbi - we Aquarians are so aloof with stuff. I, personally, have an "out of sight out of mind" thing with appointments, errands, friends, etc. My boyfriend is a Pisces and he's the one always calling me. Aquarians can be in their own world BUT when we're in a lovey-dovey exciteable kind of mood any interference is going to drag us down and make us withdrawal completely until we feel better. Aquarians are also bad at keeping up with communication i.e. emails, etc. I wouldn't dismiss him as not liking you... it's just one of those things.

  • I am a Pisces and the guy I was with was an Aquarian. Things started off exciting and sweet, but I found it hard to extract any feelings from him. Aquarians are for the most part emotionally unavailable, until they find "the one". Unfortunately other influences such as alcohol and an overfriendly, married housemate sparked his aquarian lust for adventure and the relationship never had a chance.

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