Requesting a reading please if one is willing

  • I am hung up on this guy who is a few yours younger then me, but we do share interests and have a deeper then surface link, but we have a communication issues and i also feel i gave him wrong signals at once point which made him think i was just randomly flirting with him and so "ruled me out" in the romantic way. He lives all the way across the country too which is another huge obstacle but i feel he was placed on my path for a very good reason.

    I just want to know if not him, then who, if anyone , will i ever be with? And if anything else comes though that would be helpful and beneficial for me to know. My numbers are Feb 2,77, i don't feel right posting his unless necessary.

    I am at my wits end and my heart aches for love to be returned. I have always been alone, and i really don't want to always be alone. Just holding out hope i'm not going to be the crazy cat lady either. Thank you for your time and effort it's much appreciated.

  • Dear aquagrilleorising,

    Like you stated there are huge obstacles in relationship to this younger man, I feel like you knew this and really did not want to start anything with him and than deceided that if you were going to be alone and the crazy cat lady than heck why not him?

    Well you don't have to cross your fingers and one toe for good luck in the love department dear. You will be meeting not one but two men that seem so much alike they may amaze you. I get the sense of being laid back and soft spoken and yet knowing when to stand his ground. He will like to travel so get your boots on, dancing is not out of the picture either. He may be a bit younger than you as you need that youthful spark of energy , but not more than 5 yrs younger is what I'm getting. The other man will be a bit older than you. I feel like you will be introduced to one and they both have dark hair. One has a moustache and you will meet him out and about your neighborhood.

    Every morning when you wake up, project out to the universe that you want a loving and you fill in the blanks man brought to your side to be your companion for the rest of your lives. You have to believe that there is a star in the sky to wish upon and also to start to have a vision of this man to pull him into your energy and life.

    I know the next time I hear from you that you will not be alone, but happy with two men to choose from.

    Merry Christmas


  • I need his birthdate to make a compatibility comparison.

    Aquagirlleorising, what you really want is to be your own person, to discover yourself in different life situations, and to be surrounded by people who feed you positive energy. To do this, you must avoid any selfishness and to refocus your attention away from yourself and onto others around you. Once you can discern who truly admires and wants to support you, then you can send them positive energy - and it will be returned. Deepening your awareness of yourself and others and learning to live in the present moment are vital to you in this lifetime.

    You do have a problem with communication - people are often surprised at what comes out of your mouth (as you may be yourself). You are somewhat of an innocent with a lot of nervous, strong energy. You're also a progressive thinker who is just trying to get people to pay attention, to see things your way, and to connect. But others may think you are the one who is out-of-step or out-of-touch when in reality you are far ahead of them. People don't understand you very well which is why you are alone and why you need an equally progressive and mature thinker as a partner. As you grow older and more seasoned, you learn to put more thought into your speech and that's one way to get people to take you more seriously. But remember to be tactful and diplomatic when you assert your verbal dominance as you can put others off if you are too assertive or aggressive. Your big lesson is to learn to understand others' points of view, especially if they aren't 'your type' of person. Especially if they are your siblings.

    Sometimes it's scary for you to verbalize your feelings to those closest to you and you may never know where you stand with them. Yet you can be social, popular and charming in the extreme if you only cultivate spiritual values and understanding. But you can become addicted to being popular or needing others' approval. You need to evolve beyond spouting empty words that you don't believe in but think people need to hear, to a point where you have mastered the art of how to be in relationships with people whose lifestyle bugs you or makes you uneasy because it is so indirect. You can learn to connect on a deeper level, see a bigger picture, and communicate with wisdom, understanding and compassion. Your sincere desire to unite with those who are at a distance geographically, politically, emotionally or intelllectually can be fulfilled. You must listen to what others have to teach you and not avoid education because learning takes too long. Education is your path to liberation and happiness in relationships. So release any obsession with being such an independent thinker that you resist relationships with people who have a lot to teach you.

    You must also pass through the illusion of being angry but being too afraid to express it. A major issues for you is trapped unexpressed emotion (especially anger) which you tend to hold in or intellectualize, acting didactic and aloof or shy instead of passionate. You may fear the power of your own emotion or you may be worried about other people's opinion of you if you let go. You store negativity that needs to be discharged in a healthy way such as through exercise or quietly and calmly expressing your anger to those concerned. Don't retreat into a kind of chronic shallowness in your view of the world or succumb to rigidity, unfounded prejudices or a lack of tolerance for your fellow human beings. Your true voice will be heard when you expand your sphere of awareness and develop an understanding of intercultural relations. You are fated to have more than one partner in life due to some poor relationship choices, and you'll almost definitely marry out of your class, culture, or religion.

    Most of your really important lessons in power will come through love, sex and romance. But you would do well to remember that what is best for you is not necessarily what you desire. What is best may be the precisely the opposite of what makes you feel good. You can easily get hooked on addictive behaviours like dependency-inducing drugs, relationships, or sex. Self-discipline complements greater consciousness and should be practised studiously. You need a sense of self-worth, self-sufficiency, and self-contained power to have good relationships - any feeling needy or wanting someone to lean on will only lead to games of control and manipulation. But you can stop giving away your power by being secure inside yourself and appreciating your own attractive energy. You must only engage in sexual relations when you feel open, loving, and giving. Surrounding yourself with other people who are actively working towards greater consciousness and spirituality will prove invaluable to you. Friends of this type will be the voice of reason when slipups occur in your life. Healthy ways to feed your subconscious can be by indulging in deep sleep, daydreaming, meditation, prayer, relaxation, periodic laziness, and generally just letting go. They will help you create the quiet time needed for looking inward.

    You are here to find out how power works and how to intelligently apply your own powerful nature. So find a set of values and beliefs that are tied to universal concerns and release any need to control. If you delve beneath the surface of life in a search for truth, perspective, maturity, and the ability to administrate power with grace and refinement, all will go extremely well for you.

  • I just read and re-read both of your very interesting and extensive replies however due to the fact i'm about to fall over from being so sleepy i will Make a much more detailed response in a bit when more rested. Just wanted to let you both know i have seen and very much enjoyed reading the replies. Oh also i am almost a bit embarrassed to admit how much younger the guy i posted about is but his birthday is dec 26 87. I am very grateful for your readings both! With Love 🙂 🙂

  • Don't be embarrassed by age - it doesn't matter in the least, if two people are compatible. I certainly would never reject a wonderful man if he was much younger or older than me. Wonderful people don't come along so often that we can afford to reject them for something so minor as an age difference. It's the age of someone's soul that matters - many young people are very mature and likewise many older folk can be very young-at-heart.

    To compare your compatibility -

    A love affair or friendship here can be enthusiastic, but may lack longevity because both of you will have difficulty in making a lasting commitment. Easy interchanges and few responsibilities are the keywords here, which don't respond to a deeper involvement. A childlike air suffuses the relationship but unfortunately a childish and immature one, too. You two at times can resemble kids who never grew up - and never wanted to, either. The degree of independence you both require and your shared inability to submit to controlling and possessive authority is usually prohibitive of marriage or a long term commitment. This relationship aims to be as trouble-free as possible and your mutual allergy to problems tends to give it a happy-go-lucky air. The price you pay for this of course is that in the long run, ignoring or avoiding problems can end up causing more of them.

    Your friend can be a somewhat frosty even snobbish person at times and this relationship helps to bring out his lighter fun side. Although you Aquagirl will enjoy giving your dark side a rest in this relationship, that is no guarantee that peacefulness will result, since the inner shadow does not take well to being ignored for long and may well demand attention. This relationship can nevertheless be extremely enjoyable for both of you, at least while it is functional. Sooner or later the 'children' must leave the playground to move on to more adult adventures with other people. You were both teaching the other person to go with the flow here and now you must both put that lesson into practice.

  • thecaptain:

    A while ago, you predicted something that came true (sadly), which was confirmed by somebody else in this forum. I would like to know if you see something good for me, in regards to my love life. Even though I have been badly disappointed by this guy, that was for my own good and now I've spiritually grown up. However, I feel terribly alone all the time.

    I thank you a lot for your previous advice, and now I'm bothering you again, lol. Please, tell me something. I trust you a lot.. DOB: March 23, 1960.

    Light, love and blessings!

  • Sadblueeyes, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page. I will answer you there.

  • I did it. Thanks, again. God bless you!


  • Dear Shaubby that was so lovely a reading thank you! You are right that i feel more in step with younger fellas these days and don't want a cough potato either but snuggling on the couch is always welcomed 😉 Only part that made me raise an eyebrow is the mustache 'cause normally i don't seem attracted to men with much of it let alone a tom sellick type (dating myself lol )

    I think you were right a bit there as i wasn't looking for him but talking to him and interacting with him almost daily breed the butterflies.

    You make it sounds like they are up and coming in my path soon and when they do i will surely let you know thank you very much ! light and love

    Dear Captian, i must say that is a heck of a reading! I will admit i was half expecting it to be off somehow but really was pretty spot on (i've become a bit cynical on some things)

    The communication part made me laugh 'cause it is true. I rally do feel people look at me sometimes and just stare or make faces, i oft feel they don't' have a good idea what to do with me in a sense so i do play into a role, or play a part to 'fit in' I feel myself act a lot when i catch myself i try to reign it in.

    Only thing that caused me to pause was the addicting behaviors part but then i stopped to think, eating the same poor choices in food is a kind of addiction, and so is, by definition the ocd i struggle with. Oh for the record i am an only child but i do tend to see others side of things (sometimes to my own annoyance) because i am a bit empathic and also it think it's an aquarius thing perhaps too.

    Just wondering if the more then one partner is about guy who have already come and gone though my life and the next one will be 'the one' or do i still have a couple to plow though so to speak?

    All in all i am very thankful and grateful for both of you to take time out to do these very interesting readings for me. Light and love to you both! And again thank you! 🙂 🙂

  • If it is a youthful spark you are looking for, AquagirlLR, you need to find it in yourself, by living a life where the things you do make you feel young and alive, rather than looking for it outside of you or relying on others to supply it for you. We all have everything we need inside - we just have to find ways to bring it all out.

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