CANCER MAN AND WOMAN SITUATION!! does he not like her anymore?? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • okay say you like a guy and you guys have been talking for about 4-5 months and for that long, you've been on the phone almost every night for 3-4 hours talking about anything and everything. ( also, he's already told you he has feelings for you...he doesnt want to rush things, he wants to do right by you etc...) so you guys finally meet and it goes good, he touches your arm, puts his arm around your shoulder hugs you, gives you his jacket, and compliments you.

    so after that day when you guys spent your first time together, you kind of stopped talking for a while ( someone in his family passed away) so you text him asking him whats up. CONVERSATION BELOW:

    Girl- hey can i ask you a ?

    guy-whts that?

    girl- so be honest, why'd you stop talking to me, do you think im ugly or you arent interested in me anymore? do you just not want to talk to me anymore?

    guy- i dont have a problem with you everything is cool!

    girl- oh its whatever then ( seeing if he was going to text back..)

    guy- why do you think im avoiding you..i dnt even remember you texting me that much!

    girl- look you kind of avoided the question so im asking you if you want me to leave you alone so im not wasting my time...are you not interested in me anymore?

    guy- no it isnt anything like that! i've been helping with my aunt but she passed away now

    then the girl was like okay and they kept on talking....

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  • Hi sweetie

    WOW! This is TYPICAL female respond. The mars venus origin. We finally catch up with the guy n instead of asking him what we TRUELY wanna ask we ATTACK, n to our surprise he keeps it cool. So we´re left cool with all yet our brain cant wrap around it bc its hellbent on something is amiss. it cant be that simple it cant bc everyone knows men are complicated.

    WOW how we women go wrong often.

    First off lemmi tell you this sweetie, he HASNT avoided u AT ALL. Everytime he was to call you or text you his family needed him. They broke down crying or juss needed his manly help n presence. Seriously they litterary OCCUPIED him. N will for awhile yet still. BUT between u n him all is cool n well UNLESS u keep projecting ur complicatedness on him which it no belongs.

    I say this bc in our dispair n feel of whoa re we wasting time here on a dead end when we could b out there finding someone better n more time giving to us, we often force the issue on what we DONT want. n here illmark the conversation on instead of what u wanted to say, u spewed forth ur fear in anger. ur cancer man is quite understanding bc he himself feels deep.

    A clear cut sign that he still likes you is that he didnt take on ur anger dispair fear but defused u in being listening understanding n kind to ya. he likes u gurl! HE LIKES U!

    Now the rest is not "sign" labelled at all BUT male labelled. Often when men indulge in everything deep secrets skeletons in a short time span they get scared of themselves n withdraw asking uh oh did i proceed to far too soon? Did i scare her off? and that can come across to us women as we have been semi dumped. n thats when the "misunderstandings" pops up. Its here the mind runs with fears n we wind up being ahm the less attractive banshee.

    My advice is, trust him when he says im not avoiding you, and that he wants u to stick around. You see, when you have a difficult time u as well would want him to b patient, to give u time n space to sort it out as well no? n often we women do not return it to the man, but we go directly to the let our fears roam n force so we get what we dont want to get. namely the loss of what could have been great in our lives.

    So in short, HE LIKES YOU! ALOT even. Need i slap u on ur head? LOL

    Allow him to deal with family obligations just as he would had you any u need to attend to, n TRUST him, bc he IS sincere.

    Hope this helps



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