More Spiritual Activity, What is going on?

  • I've been experiencing more spiritual activity in the past couple of weeks. Flashes of light, seeing more spirits. Has anyone else been experiencing this lately? And could this be the Angels that Poetic wrote about?

  • I'm not fearful of this at all, I don't feel scared. But I've seen a lot lately, I've always been able to feel them, and feel them touch me, But for the past two weeks its been like an avalanche of seeing these spirits, ( I want to call them people). This morning I saw one out of the corner of my eye twice on my back porch.

  • Even at work I've seen a couple. I feel they are so many of them lately

  • Evolution?

  • I'm no expert ArtisticMuse but the veil has felt very thin to me recently. Allow yourself to be open to receive whatever comes your way, you may encounter some miraculous moments of revelation.

  • Oh yes the changes are coming through now - even the light has changed. More and more angels are streaming through the hole in the darkness that their fellows and we light-bringers here on earth have pierced. Help is on the way! The time of the lightworker is at hand. Global events are showing the changing of the balance of power. Old secrets and devious activities are coming to light and the shadows that the dark side has been using to cover their dirty work are now being dispelled.

    Exciting times indeed!!!!

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