The Akashic Records On Religious Beliefs and Angels

  • How does the hierarchy of heaven work? Is there a hierarchy and how is it set up?

    The ultimate force in the Universe is the pure Light of Love. The way that you can experience this pure Light is as Love. Love is your interpretation of what that Light is like. You can say the Light is composed of Love. That is the ultimate force in the Universe. It is not a being, but it includes all beings that exist.

    Within the universal Light, there are many different systems that include hierarchies, though most are nonhierarchical. There are systems in which there are Gods and followers of those Gods. These systems are described by many of your religious beliefs, including the acknowledgment that there are beings who hold a bigger Light for others. Much of what people experience as God - the idea of God in this world is your best interpretation to describe that Light when you experience it.

    Ultimately, all of you are part of God. Some religions tell you that you are the children of God and that is accurate as a metaphor for the fact that you are part of God and infinitely connected to the Light. The idea of being children of God is just using language that you can understand because humanity is based on parents and children. In the Universe, there are not parents and children; in the Universe, every being exists, every being is born of Light. Then you develop different relationships with one another. You become soul mates, you establish things like a brotherhood or a sisterhood with each other. You are not born of another being. All of you are born from Light, directly from Light, not from any other being.

    Some of you who have a very strong sense of a cosmic hierarchy, and what you are sensing is accurate, but it is not all there is in the Universe. There is more to the story than any one of these systems. It is useful for you to identify if you feel connected with one of those systems -- if one of the storylines about God or divine beings suits you best or calls to you, if it resonates deep within you -- you can know that you are connected to a divine system and that story is helpful for you to recognize the divinity within yourself. There is a God in the way that you interpret that God. Even as you find the stories that resonate for you, it is important that you recognize that the Universe is much bigger than any one of those storylines and the Universal systems they describe. Therefore, you can believe in yours, and allow others to believe in theirs. Ultimately, you are all of the Light.

    What is the role of angels and other Light beings? How can we contact them as we meditate and get spiritual information?

    There are countless different kinds of Light beings in the Universe. We could not even begin to tell you about all of them. We will tell you about angels because angels are very relevant to the human world. Angels are beings who exist throughout the Universe and their role is to connect everyone with the source of all Light, to connect everyone with their own divinity through a tangible experience of Love. That is what angels specialize in. They specialize in using the experience of Love as a bridge to reconnect you with your divinity. Some angels have chosen to live as human beings. So there are human beings, some of you, who are angels. It is like your spiritual ancestry. It is your spiritual line that you are from the angelic line. Even if you do not remember who you are, even if you are uncertain of yourself as a human, ultimately your role, or mission as a human, is the same as your angel self; which is that you are here to reconnect people with Light through the experience of Love. You are here to remind people about Love.

    There are many, many more angels who are not living as human beings. Many of those choose to be part of this world. They just do not incarnate into a third dimensional body. So they operate as spirit guides, they operate as protectors; they help hold space for Love when human beings may not be holding it themselves. Angels often rush in. If a particular event needs more Love, angels will rush in, they will suddenly show up by the thousands. Part of the reason that people are able to sense angels in a pretty clear way or more often or more easily than they sense other divine beings, is that angels are similar to human beings. There are so very many angels who are committed to this world, and their presence here is evident.

    Another reason you can often sense them is because they tend to come in groups so that if a bunch of angels suddenly enter a room, you can feel it because there is such a strong shift in energy. It is that ability for them to be apparent to you that makes them feel more accessible and they are meant to be more accessible. Angels want you to be in connection with them. It is useful for you to call on angels, to notice when you feel a sense of Love or Light wash over you, to express gratitude for the presence of angels and to trust when you sense that or when you think you might be sensing them, trust that what you are experiencing is true. Trust your own experience; trust that they are really there.

    Are there spirit beings that might want to hinder our growth as individuals and as a planet?

    Yes there are. Just as there are people who might want to hinder your growth, there are nonhuman beings that want to hinder your growth, too. The Universe is populated with all kinds of different beings with different agendas. There is a universal truth that applies to this world and it applies to every other form of existence in the Universe. This truth is that no soul can experience something unless they agree to it. Your soul, your spirit, will never be hindered unless you agree to it at your highest level. That means if you find yourself being hindered somehow by a physical or a nonphysical being, then the questions to ask yourself are, "Why would I allow this? What do I have to learn from this? What is this experience showing me?" As soon as you learn from it what you need to, or as soon as you find the strength to draw a boundary and cut it off, then your higher self completes the protection. Once you get what you needed from that experience, then the hindrance is removed.

    The ultimate path to peace and empowerment for every human being is coming to trust the presence of your higher self -- coming to trust that there is a version of you that is completed connected to the Universe that can see everything about where you have been, where you are going, what you need, what you do not need. Your higher self is that version of you that is constantly allowing or blocking your experiences based on what you are going to need.

    If you think about it, who would you trust more than a higher version of yourself to know what is best for you? Trust yourselves and trust that there is a higher purpose for you. If you will do that, it makes it possible for you to step out of fear and to make more clear decisions about who you allow in and who you do not. Because just like you can close the door on a human being who is bothering you, you can also close the door on any spirit being who is hindering you. You cannot be hindered if your soul has not given permission for it. If you get clear and intentional in your human mind about what your boundaries are, your higher self can respond much more clearly by eliminating those things that hinder you. That is the way to work with universal beings both those who are bringing Light and those who are striving to hinder you. (Dec 2010)

    Channled by: channeled by Jen Eramith MA

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