Justice and Fair Play

  • I been in love with a Scorpion male for over 10 years. And there are some pretty dead on points w/blogs regarding you Scorpies. Although my guy is very charming, passionate yet intense he is also very mysterious. Not big on communicating as he pulls away. He says he doesn't have to explain himself. But when he is ready to open up, it is always after the fact. Then he tells a little bit too much. I got mix signals because he doesn't want a relationship now. Probably explains how I discovered he's been rotating many women for years. Pretty sure we got about the same thing depending on who turn it was. He thinks with the wrong head at times and later regrets it. Which is why he kept coming back. He sense how vulnerable I was but mostly, I was exclusive and deeply in love. I feel he played games and broke many hearts. Makes me feel that this is why it is easy for him to detached. Mind is separated by the body. Demonstrating this has been his good side all alone. I have 2 laugh at show silly I have been. 100% responsible for that relationship. It was not a burden but a privilege. Can't change the past. Because I am not working on the relationship because I was in it. All i ever wanted was to repair the mutual support and respect we gave one another. The passion has always been there. That is how we connected. Although he could be so sweet, there was a rude side that says and does what he wanted regardless to who got hurt. I liked when he validated what I liked instead of what I wanted in order to understand me better. It was real good at one point. Kinda of genuine because no matter how many break-ups, I would take him back. And now I'm at the point that I had to force myself to keep my options open. So I would start dancing again. I attract Scorpios and to this day I run in the opposite direction. See I am the Libra, planet of Venus. All about the fair play, justice, and boy do we love deep!!! Very in tune to others sensitivity. Probably why I attract the water signs. There will always be a special place in my heart for him!!! Diplomatic and gracious is how I have came to terms about it all......

  • I actually never met a loyal Libra

    if not cheating on me, they cheat on their partners LOL

    I know to determine personality we can't go by sun signs alone

    but since I've never met a single ONE in real life that is faithful, male or female Libras

    it's kind of hard to not say it as it is

    maybe they think they are being 'fair'

    because by cheating, they do get to circle around and everybody gets a piece of them LOL

    Scorps is something else, I have only met one who cheats so far

    so generalization is impossible in this regard

    personal experience, although I did find a few threads about cheating Libras and I know friends in real life experiencing the same thing

    it's all good learning curves, if I hadn't met cheaters I wouldn't know how it feels to be cheated

    so I know how to be faithful to my Cap husband of 10 yrs

    because of human's free will, Cosmic energies can be used as advantage or ignored

  • forgot to add:

    such as in Venus case, those who use it with integrity, become fair

    but those who don't use it with integrity, become "fair"

    I hope you find a loyal Scorp someday 🙂

  • I hope I find a loyal and trustworthy anything on a given any day. My Sun sign is Libra, my Moon sign is Scorpio, and my Rising sign is Virgo. Since the moon has the tendency to rotate on a daily for 28 days by changing its shape. It has the tendency to reveal what is dark and shadowy. I say this because my Scorpio side can even scare the hell out of me just alone by my thoughts. I understand deeply how sensitive that sign can be. Its the only sign that can bite off his tail and grow another. That is when I cling to my Libra side. There is a theory that Librans are successful when partnered. Can balance pretty much of anything because we are always looking for the beauty of things. However, there is that one thing that bugs me is when my scales are tipped. It is a struggle to maintain balance. I think that is what makes us be perceived as indecisive. In actuality, I chose to believe that it takes us a little longer to decide because we are considering both sides. I do think the commonality of Librans is "We are all about the Love". When I review at my birth chart, I notice my House of Partnership is empty. My inner voice focus on that a lot. Too much at times because without love I don't feel as whole. Its a missing ingredient. Not sure if it is the idea that I am in love with. We stand for equality, justice, and fairplay. I do believe that whole-heartedly when it comes to me. I am charming, graceful, diplomatic, sociable, love fun, see beauty in anything, very analytical but trustworthy. Human kindness and consideration is like music to my ears. Takes me a minute to trust but when I do I am like man best friend. Betrayal cuts me deeply because I have a hard time understanding why. But as a Libra, I am forgiving and will turn the other cheek sometimes too many times. Because I want to see the good in people. They say my sign is gullible. Maybe there is some truth to that. You see I have cheated before but it took a lot for me to get to that point. Mostly, I have been the one who is cheated on. I am known as a heart-felt person probably why I allow situations to affect me so deep. Kind of hard for me to not where my heart on sleeve. I struggle to hide it. I do work on it because of diplomacy. Positive energy makes me soar. And the negative energy will cause me to stew. Since I want peace and strive on balance, conflict I do my best to avoid. Even to the extent of taking care of others before myself. And then I have the nerve to get mad not even later. I hear sympathy and pride kills. I am learning to set better boundaries because my feelings hurt very easily. Because sometimes my giving is overkill. The female Librans I know have many likes but don't have a problem letting you know are dislikes. I think by the time I become selfish, I have endured so much I probably am perceived as a drama queen because I allow myself to be that doormat. Not on purpose. Oh yee, you done me wrong feel my roar. Remember my fair play has given a little bit too much. And that's when my Scorpio side kicks in. Since it scares me thats when I reminded how important it is for me to forgive. I become angry with me and then I wonder why I suffer and takes thing to heart. I think Librans should be careful. Because "martyrs" we are not. Then thats when I decide to let the law of the land "justice" take care of it self. Revenge is not part of my plan. Those scales go through a balancing act that I ask why am I so hard on myself. Probably, because of what I give. I would prefer appreciation and not be taken advantage of.

  • I am a Capricorn who fell in love with two Aquarian men before I was 30, No children, thank God! I ended up marrying a Leo and stayed with him for 20 yrs before his heart gave out,. I had a miscarriage with him and never had any children after that, I am childless, mother and fatherless, and an only child. I don't feel sorry for myself or think my life sucks. I work, pay taxes, rent, feed my cat. I don't have a man at this time and I believe that if it is meant to happen it will but I am not going to push the issue. My man is GOD!

  • libra42

    look at your north node, what house and what sign

    it will indicate lessons you need to learn in order to achieve your purpose (north node)

    where is Pluto, what house and what sign

    my north node is in the house of self and my south node is in the house of relationship

    I am meant to experience all kinds of hurdles in relationship because from there I will learn lessons important to develop myself

    my Pluto is in Libra, pretty much saying, Venus is the one who will thow me most important lessons. of course then all things in my birth chart is have their own lessons, but Venus' lessons are the most important , the hardest, so to speak, in my case

    since Venus also rules my south node (Taurus) and Pluto rules my north node (Scorpio)

    these lessons also carry a significant life altering intensity in them

    in other words, if I don't learn them and I don't learn them fast, my physical body and physical life will be in deep suffering and regeneration (Pluto's gift) will be halted

    because the house of self, in medical astrology, rules the physical body

    so far this has been true in my case, as soon as I take the higher path, physical problems I used to endure, disappeared little by little or at least becomes manageable

    it is of course normal, that all is connected. if I am not well emotionally, how can I be physically healthy? but it is even more important for someone with north node in the house of self and with such birth chart

    In evolutionary astrology, Pluto rules the Soul, which evolves from one life time to another and its evolution relies on our willingness to learn and advance. because as every beings in the cosmos, humans have free will. the 'will' determines how far we evolve, as it determines actions we take in regards to everything. If interested, I hope you will find Jeff Green's Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul helpful

    there are many books of astrology in the market. it can be confusing to choose which book can enlighten you about a certain planet. but good books are great foundations from where readers can advance their own wisdoms, to evolve.

    thanks for starting the thread and for the honest interchange

  • Here go's LeoScorpion. My North Node is Libra (Venus) and 2nd house (possession) retrograde and my South Node is Taurus (Venus) 8th house (sexuality) retrograde. I am meant to learn lessons of being flexible with setting too high standards based on what I give and want in return when I want it. Also, romantically, I need to stop being disillusion and persuaded by me me me from significant others and focus the love relationship on number one out of dire necessity. I feel I would be more compatible with an independent flexible and patient partner in my personal life. My affairs, family, and a strong foundation within myself may requires giving extra attention. Especially, since home is so very important to me.

    And Pluto is Virgo my 12th of unconsious. So I gather if I am imbalance, I will miss opportunities that will bring fruition from my labor. In addition, advancement that will have much favorable outcome in regards to enlightenment to one's journey and adventure. Meditate and reflect seems like a good start to all kind of possibilities. The intensity from all that I can learn will be so rewarding...

    Thanks with the help of another perspective when cultivating ones own garden...:-)

  • libra42

    you are welcome. happy cultivating ! and happy holidays

    life is to learn and move forward

    happy cultivating ! and happy holidays

  • I was reading your post on Libras and found this to be very true as I am a Libra and did date a Libra . I found that in her travels of 700 miles to me she was keeping a hidden secret from me as to hoping that her little well kept secret never came out . I feel lost with what all has happened and she of course has no thought of her damage done to me . She has ripped my heart out and then stepped on it. This was not fair play ! In the beginning there were limits set and yes those limits were broken at the times we were together but with all of this there were words between both of us and I took them to be honest ,loyal and loving . Within a month I find that she was married and she tells me I have nothing to worry that she was leaving the home front soon only to find she has cheated on me as well. What happened here if anyone can take a minute or 2 to fill me in I'd love to know . She was very smart and her love and passion I did feel this but what in the world got to her when she returned home it is like she did a 360 on everything with she and I ?Thanks guys for reading my questionns . Hollywoodrags

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