Can someone tell me what these reoccurring numbers are

  • First thank you for taking the time to look at my post. Here it is I was born on 10-26-72 at 0226 in the am in Charlotte, NC. Here ist the deal almost everytime I look at a clock it never fails it is 10:26 in the morning or even at night also sometimes I look at the clock and it will just be on the 26th minute of the hour it just seems as if 26 is reoccuring for me. This just didn't start recently this has been like this forever as far back as I can remember. So if anybody could explain what this is I would appreciate it so very much. Love and Light to all.

  • I know everyone is busy but if someone could give me some insight that would be great

  • According to Doreen Virtue's book, "Angel Numbers" - 26 means: Have faith that all your earthly needs are met, now and in the future. Give any material concerns to Spirit, and follow the Divine guidance that compels you to take action. And also, since 26 added is 8, here is more: Financial abundance is coming to you now. I hope that helps out a little bit.

  • Yes thank you for your time and that does help a bit. Love and Light to you

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