My stubborn ways to his many moods

  • As you can probably guess from my screen name and the short description of this post I am a Taurus, and my current boyfriend is a Cancer. We met online, and then in person our chemistry is something crazy! Nothing like I have every known before. I mean its so crazy that there can be times when I'm feeling down, or aching from a pain, and I get a random text from him saying "baby you okay?" did i mention that we are in a long distance relationship? yeaaaah very distance im midwest and he is far eastcoast. He seems to know me far better than I know myself, but when it comes to me knowing him i just can't pin him for nothing. His mood changes like the wind. Very possessive which is weird cause i am too in sense i'm very loyal and long for the stability that i know he can bring. He has all the qualities that i look for in a mate (soul mate even) but these random moments when things seem to be going good, we kinda just get into a stupid argument and he just lets go. I mean like literally he'll just stop talking to me for like a day, 2 days or 3 even, and then when he talks to me again he is like "oh i missed you so much, i thought about you everyday even though we didnt talk"..and im like well if u were thinkin about me why not call!? I just dont get it...I guess im just lookin for some advice on how to get over the many moods of a crabby man. Not to mention im a very stubborn individual and can tend to be set in my ways but something about him makes me want to change all that, and kinda go with the flow...strange huh?

  • so I heard from my crab today, we spoke briefly about our disagreement yesterday and he tells me that he was just really frustrated about the way things are going between him and his mother(such a mama's boy). He told me basically not to worry when he gets frustrated that he just needs a lil time to himself but it doesnt change how he feels about me and the love he has for me is still as strong as ever. I want to know how can i got about being there for him when he is in these moods and feels like he needs to retreat into his shell. I'm very patient as i see he can tell, we have discussed a visit this weekend so i wonder how that is going to play out!

  • wow i didnt know it had been 4 months since i have been on here! funny thing is im reading over the two posts that i had made about my boyfriend and its still the same. Things have gotten a little better communication wise but as of late we have been arguing quite a bit about really petty stuff. almost to the point were we broke up, and i simply just told him "if you dont want this to be then let me know either we can do this or we can't" i wasnt going to force it , and then he comes back with how he feels like im the best thing that has ever happened to him and he LOVES me so much and doesn't want to lose me because of his many moods and attitudes. I mean he literally said "i know i can be moody but i hope that doesnt run u away" ha!

    most of our issues come from us being so far apart from each other and we both feel like if we were closer we wouldnt find the little stuff to argue about but who knows. I shall continue to love him from a distance because he is so wonderful! i just have to get a hold on these waves of emotions that keep hitting me...any suggestions?

  • Well, yes I do. I am a 42 yo Taurus, I have been in a relationship with a 40yo cancer man for 17 months. Not long distance. We are both divorced and have 7 kids between us. We are taking things slow, which works for now.

    Yet, vary rarely has he retreated into his shell, bc I just do not sweat the small stuff. I have always heard what my cancer has said to me and I rest in that. BC I love him and I am not one to super impose what is going on is someone's head. If he tells me something, I believe it. If I feel or am shown otherwise, I say what I need to say.

    We are connected on a very deep level, and the times when we have had issues, we talk as if we have removed our emotions from the situation, bc that is how I lead it off. Make sense?

    He has hurt my feelings, deeply. I told him, if he had something to say to me, have the guts and say it. No snide comments, no games, etc. he has said the same to me when I was mad.

    Once, I was mad. He knew it. He texted me..are you mad? I said yep. He said, get over it, I do not play games. So I did. One time, he saw me, came up to me and said.."oh, you're mad at me." I said.." No. I am hurt, huge difference" Accurate communication with cancer is key.

    BC they are super deep feelers. Accept them as they are, appreciate and adore their deep feelings. Hold their hearts in your hand, bc they need it and deserve it.

    The sense of security and grounding a Taurus can give a cancer is important to them. Be yourself, but be kind and compassionate!

    I wish you all the luck!!

  • Taurus7 understands the mind and heart of a Cancer man very well. I don't think I can add anything to what she has said. 🙂

    Let me know if you have any other questions and I will do my best to answer them!

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