Blmoon or Watergirl18- May i have your insight please

  • I need to see if you might could help me figure out why i cant remember my dreams for the last couple of months, i always dream and could remember are at lease part of it. Now i cant remember any of them at all. Something really strange happened last Saturday morning i dont know if i had just woke up are it woke me up, but it was like a voice said, do you feel lucky? it was so weird and kinda freaked me out. Could you please see what you might help me with this? dob- 3-4-1964 in south central Mississippi

  • This post is deleted!

  • Watergirl,

    Thanks, im sure you are busy, so get you some rest, and i will wait my turn. I will also take your advice on this in the mean time.

    stay blessed

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