Anyone up to giving me a new reading... its been a few months

  • alot has happened in my life now that is positive... im really interested in finding out what is up ahead in my life as far as love... i met a person, but it isnt long enough to find out his birthdate... still just talking but im interested in him and i think he is interested in me... as far as my general life it has been going in a positive direction... anyone willing to give me some insight... about general and love... thanks jaffeebella

  • i guess that is a better way of putting this reading i want... anything exciting going to happen for me in this up coming year... i want to know the good and the bad everything there is to know about this new year coming up... im so excited for the new year really... i am hoping im right, but i feel alot of good things and of course there is always bad that happen, or things that dont always make you happy, but the things that matter in life, what is awaiting for me this year... anyone willing to give me some insight... thanks jaffeebella

  • no one has responded to my request, anyone wanting to give me a full reading

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  • Well Jezebel, it's been a few years since I've done this but I'll give it my best shot. Do you want 10 cards in a Celtic Spread?

  • sure trinity, i will take a reading from you hon... sorry i had a death in the family and havnt been on but im ready for a reading whatever your heart desires to give me...

  • why isnt anyone giving me some insight to whats good and bad for me in the up coming year... anyone want to give me direction... thanks

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