Does he like me?

  • I have a huge crush on this guy in my history class at the college I'm in. He's Leo, I'm Cancer, and I'm 17 and he's 20. I don't know if he just sees me as a friend or as more. He came early and we'd hang out some days and he tells me about his acheivements (he's like, a genius in math and physics and an Engineering major). He also laughs at my jokes sometimes (and he almost never smiles normally). I won't see him next semester because he only came to my campus for one credit he needed to transfer. Tonight was finals night. I gave him my number, but that was it. He just sort of nodded and said "Okay". I've been trying to drop hints, but I hang out with a lot of people here so I don't know if he got them. Do you think I did the right thing? I didn't want to seem stalkerish, and he didn't ask for my number. He's confident in his school subjects, but seems a little shy socially. (And he said he doesn't have a girlfriend--and I don't have a boyfriend, either). Maybe I need a psychic! But any input welcome--thanks! 🙂

  • Cancer Girl,

    I was inclined to type to you as soon as I read this,with you being a cancerian I can definitely see the attraction that you see in a leo,especially in the way they compose themselves and have certain aspects that we seem to be insecure about and gain strength from a fire sign,and leo is one of the best in regards to that.Not to mention there is an amazing chemistry that attracts a usually shy and reserved cancer to the loud and proud lion.

    In regards to how I see things pan out,I'm not too sure about this particular guy,I feel an earth sign connected to you,a male in the sign of taurus that you may be getting close to in the next few months.I feel it will be a case of the leo guy wanting you when you become involved with someone else.

    He feels comfortable with you,and likes that he can express himself and share his accomplishments with someone and you being a cancerian are a wonderful and loyal friend/person and are a natural listener,which he appreciates.

    I Feel though that he has a rather arrogant/cocky streak,that he keeps hidden or boasts about when it suits him,there's something a little shady about this guy.

    You did the right thing with giving im your number,you showed confidence and that the ball was in his court and you left it up to him,give him a bit of the silent treatment,don't act too eager,because he will chase after you even more so,as he is the type that prefers a little bit of drama and flair.

  • You're right about him being a little arrogant! I got the impression a little bit that he was so afraid of rejection (a blow to the ego) that he didn't ask for my number. Also, I accidentally gave him my house phone (and not my cell--which is on the fritz--which is the number he probably expected). My brother told me someone called a few days ago and said "Uh...I think I have a wrong number" and my brother said "Okay, bye!" It kills me because I don't know if it was him! Also, I just recently got a Facebook. Should I try and "friend" him on it? Or just let it go? I'm new to Facebook etiquette to begin with...this is so confusing!

    Also, you're right about the Taurus. In another college class I took recently, I had an instant connection with a Taurus guy, but he seemed like a huge jerk at first who couldn't stand me, getting on my case during the group project we were in. But then later, after I got a new haircut, he asked "Did you get a haircut?" I replied, embarassed, "Yes. I hate it". And he said, "Aw, your hair looks nice..." I was dumbfounded! He also later said, "I don't mean to be mean. I'm sorry if I was before". The only thing is, he has a Pisces girlfriend--which he told me when I teasingly asked. So I didn't flirt or anything after that. Still, he'll be going to my same campus next semester; I might run into him.

    Thank you so much for your insight and intuition, xMermaidiax! 🙂

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