Anyone willing to do a reading for me please?

  • Hi, thanks for reading.

    I would appreciate some insight in my love life as well as financial stability.

    Would I meet someone respectful in the near future, or does my future lies with someone from the past? I do have a good job but struggling more and more with vehicle that's falling apart.

    Any insight, good or bad please.

    My birthdate is 1962 May 4.

    A heartfelt thank you in advance.


  • Dear Darlingdee,

    I sense that you will indeed meet someone respectful in the next 3-6 months with effort. It feels like you may have been putting romance on hold due to disappointments of the past. You will be in a marriage year in 2011 so make the most of it and open your heart to a new love, one in which will come to you in a most unexpested way. Like meeting at the store or on an airplane ect. He will be a happy soul that will spill over to yours and that in itself will be enough to seal the deal for the both of you. I hear a K in his name.

    Your car will be replaced with a like new car that someone trades in at a dealership near by. I feel like the car may either be blue or silver and not a large car. It will serve you well and you also will get a good deal on it. Jan is a very good time to buy a car.

    Happy Holidays


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