Life before and after near-death experiences

  • Quite a few years ago I experienced "the light" during my neardeath experience and while before that I could see things, make some predictions, just generally knew I had something that was different than the people around me, but I could express myself easily and never really felt that I didnt "fit in", but after my experience I found myself feeling like I was on the outside looking in, my abilities seemed to increase at times and now I feel a great transition happening within myself (extremely uplifting) but I can't articulate it to anyone. Maybe I need a reading? Or someone to guide me in the right direction in order to use what I have to help others?

  • Dear mamali333,

    When you had the light ecperience you were blessed with additional gifts to bring forth to the masses. You are now being awaken on a deeper spiritual level so that you will start to share and help people with your heavenly abitities. I would suggest that you start right here on this board giving readings. Do you see spirit or hear them or both? If so you are a medium.

    Don't be afraid of not being 100 per cent correct in your readings. I always say we have to leave some room for God to answer.


  • Thank you Shuabby, it's what I thought but wasn't sure enough to open up to anyone with all the negativity and chaos that has surrounded me lately. I did not want to open that door until I felt strong enough to keep the darker forces from coming to me as well. In answer to your question, I don't know how to explain it but I sense things from others sometimes in photos, sometimes just from being around them, sometimes its a presense, sometimes its a voice and at other times its almost like Im seeing something that is going to happen to them. I have a very hard time being in places with alot of people present because the presenses and voices are too many and overwelming. My senses are very oversensitive. I had someone tell me that I was a very accomplished intuitive, healer but that I wasn't using those gifts anymore? Could I have blocked something?

  • For some reason, I had this sudden need to post this message:

    With all the negativity that is surrounding us in the present times, that seems to want to engulf us with depression, confusion and frustration, it is extremely important to remember and see the beauty and good that surrounds us as well and focus on that so as not to be drawn into the darkness. Count your blessings, stop to smell the roses and remember to tell those close to you that you love them.

  • Dear mamai333

    I do not believe you blocked anything, it just sounds like to me you are so open and ungrounded that you are being overwhelmed with spirit contact. Find ways to ground yourself and also take some sea salt baths at night to bring you some relaxsation and to keep yourself more into the positive thinking mode. You might want to search the web for ways of grounding yourself more, or if someone reads this and knows how to help you with this they will post them.

    I agree that we need to look for the postive things in life and stop all the dwelling so much on negative. I tell those that I love them every chance I get.

    Merry Christmas


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