Would appreciate a reading,Thank you

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance.

    Blessings to all good health, love, happiness.

    I would appreciate a reading for the coming year of 2011.

    DOB May 2, 1947.


    loving silver wings

    Also, I would appreciat it if the administration woul not delete this as all other postings have disappeared or been deleted.

  • This post is deleted!

  • admin, is there some reason any and all post I create are deleted?

    I was asked to open a new thread, which I did this morning. Now a few hours later it has disaapeared.

    I phrase the requests-questions the same as the other people asking for assistance. Their requests are not deleted or disapear.


    You seem to think I am soliciting (which I am not) or offering personalized readings, (which I am not)

    As for etiquette, please tell me what is not acceptalbe as I feeI am not over stepping.

    Please identify the rules being broken, and give examples of how.

    My sense is you are mistaking me for somebody else and have put me on an automatic delete even within somebody's thread.

    I am reluctant to even say hello and welcome to new comers for sensing you will delete the welcome.

    The fact my opsts on threads are deleted, yes deleted, is disturbing for some who read them, then they disappear is unnerving.

    I am not abusing this formum in any way.



  • angel hugs

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