Can anyone give me a numerology reading please?

  • My birthdate is July(7) 14, 1993.

    Please tell me anything you can tell about what my birthday means! Thank you!

  • Your lifepath adds up to 34/7. Sevens make the best scholars and the worst paranoids. You are here to work through issues of patience, trust, and emotional expression and to have faith in the spiritual process operating in your life, establishing security by finding practical ways to contribute to others. You may often feel pulled in two directions - one 'upwards' into the higher mind or metaphysical interests, and 'downwards' into daily life, family and practical concerns. You are here to blend pragmatism and mysticism, flesh and spirit, worldly business and spiritual pursuits. For example, many with your numbers accomplish this through a 'spiritual business' such as opening a new age bookstore or teaching seminars devoted to themes of religion, spirituality or personal growth. You may experience issues dealing with stability and process in relation to self-trust - you must confront a tendency to skip steps or take shortcuts in life. You tend to feel safer in the realm of the mind because of your exceptional analytical abilities, but you also have powerful emotions and you can sometimes act compulsively or obsessively. You don't really trust your feelings and often have fears and expectations of being misunderstood so you don't share, which leads to the very misunderstandings you fear. But you can turn this tendency around by maintaining a more positive attitude and expectations and working toward positive outcomes, instead. You will show a drive towards security, family, and business but you need to ground yourself in the practical realities of life if you are to achieve success. You need to establish a stable base from which to build, step-by-step and being mindful of due process, your stairway to the top. Your life will rise or fall on the strength of your foundations and the care you take along life's journey. A skipped step can send you tumbling back into self-doubt and isolation.

    Healthwise, you will generally have a strong body (you are rarely ill unless you are stressed or anxious) but you don't trust your own instincts and intuition when it comes to taking care of yourself. You might seek solutions in pharmaceuticals, surgery or artificially-based medicines. You need to pay special attention to your body's messages and not take anything just because you've heard it might be good for you. Trust your instincts so that you will know just what to do and when to do it, especially in regards to nutrition. Don't just follow conventional advice or other people's theories - eat and drink what you feel is right for you. A low-fat varied diet that avoids dairy foods will help you maintain a sense of lightness and clarity. Issues with the knees or throat can appear when you are withholding expressing yourself. Martial arts, dance, or any free-movement form of sport can benefit you greatly, and routines that combine body, mind and spirit (such as yoga or tai chi) usually hold your interest longest.

    You can bring positivity, stability, and feeling quality to your relationships. As long as you have developed open, honest communication, bonds of trust, and the vulnerability to share your feelings and 'let go' to the point of ecstatic intimacy with your love partners, your relationships will thrive. But trust issues can centre around feeling uncomfortable - you're not entirely relaxed with others, afraid you might say the wrong thing, which you sometimes set yourself up to do. Though you enjoy the comforts of home and family, you have a strong, spiritual personality that won't always stay in a relationship for the sake of internal processing and growth.

    You have strong creative and expressive potential in your work/career. You would excel in a variety of fields, including metaphysics, martial arts, acting or producing, business, and creative writing - especially screenplays, due to your good structural sense. You will do well in any area, provided you trust yourself, stay open to feedback, and take any project step-by-step. Financially, many 34/7s have compulsive and impulsive spending habits - you can behave frivolously with money. Ultimately the state of your finances depends on the process you follow and whether you have prepared for an occupation that makes good use of your skills. If not, self-doubt will leave you doing "a little bit of this, a little bit of that".

  • I dont understand this reading. 34/7? Dont you add up the month(7) with the day(5) & the year 1+9+9+3=22=(4)

    7+5+4= 16=7

    Dont you go by the readings of the month, the day, the year, & the over all number readings?

    The last reading I had was saying since my birthday is a 5 it means I'm very child like & will remain child like even when I'm in my elderly years, & so on with the other numbers.

    I dont even see much of myself in the above reading. I'm not afraid to express myself at all. Out of anything I'm pretty open about my life & I'm very energetic. I'm almost always possitive. It's very rare when I'm sad or thinking negatively. I'm always the one who keeps the people around me laughing, smiling, & up beat. I'm also VERY cocky & competitive. I also love to argue 🙂 . It's not because I'm mad when I argue, I just like fighting for something I believe in. I'm planning to go to college to major in law, psychology, & teaching. I push myself to do better & everyone around me(Even though sometimes I push too hard & upset them 😕 ) But I've never been anything close to religious. I do agree that I'm a security freak though! 🙂 I even make sure my older brother has everything set right on his phone so he'll be able to lock his phone incase he ever loses it! 🙂 And the stability part is some what right. I grew up in a military family, so I've traveled alot from the time I was alittle kid, but I've always lived in the same house from the time I started school. There was no traveling during the school semester, but I always wanting to just see the world. I always thought I loved traveling because my dad liked traveling so much & that it had been passed down to me.

    You are very right about the health part too! 🙂 I'm rarely ever sick! But I ALWAYS trust my instincts & gut feelings on things. Weather it's with people or just life desisions(And they usually end up being right!) I'm big on workingout & being healthy. I'm not a health nut or anything, but I've seen so many other people my age throw their health away on drugs & bad choices, I never saw a point in it. And I'm never the one going to people for advice on health or anything like that. It's usually people coming to me for it.(I am facinated by doctor/health stuff though. I like learning about the human body. Especially the mind) I have a ton of hobbies, mainly because I'm curious about EVERYTHING. I like to learn about everything in the world, & ask aton of questions about everything.

    I'm abit confused on the no dairy thing though. Do you mean avoid drinking milk & everything that has dairy in it?

    I'm not sure about my knees & throat having problems. Like I said I rarely DONT express myself. Anything I'm thinking seems to pop out of my mouth, & any emotion I'm feeling is shown. If I'm mad, sad(which is rare), happy, or anything like that it's showing.

    My chest feels really tight when I'm anxious though. I'm on the go constantly & am constantly multitasking. If I dont get something done, or I have to wait a while to do anything, I get really excited & anxious (Not in a bad way, just I cant sit still & I'm wanting to gogogo. It's not so bad if I have other stuff to keep me busy to pass time though)

    I love yoga! 🙂 I've considered dance, but I havent tried it yet. I'm not that great with sports that have a ball though 😕 .

    It's funny you mentioned the "Honest communication & trust" thing. I get so angrey & frusterate with people when I find out someone has lied to me. It's like a war zone with me when I'm mad! But I dont have any problem sharing my feelings most the time. My rising is a gemini, so that might be why. Does your numerology go with your astrology? Or is it something completely different that affects your life & personality temperment?

    I will admit I do say the wrong things sometimes. If I'm thinking something that's a bit mean, it still slips out 😕 . I am BIG on family though! 🙂 Home too, but like I mentioned earlier, I'm big on traveling.

    This is like the 2nd or 3rd reading I've had that's told me I'd be good at acting(This is my first numerology reading, but I've had acouple astrology readings that have told me that) I'm not sure if I'd be a good actor since I cant hold my emotions in very well. I'm a good writer though 🙂 I'm not sure what metaphysics do exactly though 😕 .

    You got the spending part 100% right! I spend a ton of money every time I go into a store. If I want to save money for something I have to avoid going to stores all together or though put the money in the bank. As long as I dont have the money on me, I'm okay. I shop ALOT though.

    This reading reminds me of alot of stuff that has to do with me, but there are afew things here & there that seem completely opposite of me. Would my astrology chart affect my numerology one?

  • Expressing yourself is not about talking a lot - it's whether you are being authentic about what you say and think and HOW you express yourself - as you admit, you often say the wrong thing so you may need to think more before you speak. For example, you say "I dont even see much of myself in the above reading" then go on to say that much of it was accurate. So you contradicted yourself. You must think about tthe words that tumble out and consider their effect on others. Self-expression is so much more than just talking, it's also body language and your posture when you are speaking with someone. You say far more with your eyes and facial expression than you do with words.

    And generally numerologists add each number as they occur in sequence, not add the year separately. Although methods do differ.

    Your astrology chart should complement your numerology.

  • ACTUALLY I said "This reading reminds me of A LOT of stuff that has to do with me, BUT there are afew things here & there that seem completely opposite of me." AKA, you had SOME things right, but like I said, SOME things were completely opposite. And I express myself verbally, emotionally, artistically, & style wise. And I find that hard to find as 'contradicting' myself, when that's telling you that a lot of it was true, but there was a lot that was wrong. As for the words spilling out with out thinking. I actually LIKE that. Why hide the truth? I'm honest, I'm super sarcastic, & I joke a lot. I like having fun, & most the people around me end up laughing & having fun too, There's only been one person I can think of that has really gotten upset in the last four months over stuff I say. Most people LIKE that I'm honest & have a sense of humor. But this girl doesn't like hearing the truth at all. She gets upset over stuff as little as weight or me having a better grade than her. Like I mentioned in the last message, I'm competitive, she doesn't like competition. She takes competition seriously, I take it as a game. I WILL be competitive & I WILL tell the truth. The truth hurts sometimes huh? 🙂

    And I know I don't have a problem with my body language or facial expressions. I've already said how any emotion I'm feeling you WILL see. I don't mean just VERBALLY.

    What would this numerology do with the

    Sun sign: Cancer

    Moon sign: Taurus

    Rising sign: Gemini


    I know there's more signs to the chart, & I did have a really good astrology chart site that told the mercury & every other sign, but I haven't been able to find it 😕 .

  • I was directly quoting your post - you do contradict yourself. Eg - "I'm competitive, she doesn't like competition. She takes competition seriously, I take it as a game. I WILL be competitive & I WILL tell the truth."

    And the truth is different for everyone - your truth is not necessarily everyone else's so be careful of being seen as arrogant.

    You have a lot to learn about yourself but I don't think you are very open to it.

  • Telling the truth is arrogant? If she says something like "That guy likes me." Which she said this morning, about a guy she'd never talked to in her life, all I said was "He has a girlfriend"(Which he did) & she gets upset. That's being arrogant? I find that hard to believe.

    I'm actually open to learning about myself, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't. But I do know weather or not I'm scared of certain things or weather or not I have a problem expressing myself.

    I guess it's like you said "Not all readings are the same", some are more right than others.

  • "I'm competitive, she doesn't like competition. She takes competition seriously, I take it as a game. I WILL be competitive & I WILL tell the truth."

    That's no where near contradicting. She DOESN'T like competition. She takes competition so seriously that it just ends up stressing her out. I on the other hand LOVE competition & I see it as a game. There's no contradiction there. It's a straight fact.

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