Will I ever get brave enough.........

  • to write and publish the books I have been thinking about doing for years?

    I recently started a website that I plan to put book previews on and I am just wondering how far will I actually take this?

    I've always felt like my name would be known for doing something big and I believe it is related to book writing and ministry. How close am I?

    Any idea when I will actually get brave enough to post these on my website and when I will be brave enough to send them to a publisher?

    I have many ideas of what to write, not sure which "life theme" I should go for first. These are christian inspirational books by the way.

    I know some of you probably think funny place to ask this type of question but I do believe we are each given gifts to use and I believe one of them is definitely prophecy! I know I get a lot of feelings and dreams that turn out to be true!

    Appreciate the help! Just want some advice as to where to go next!

  • You gain courage by doing the things you fear. What are you waiting for? The most successful people are not those who never try anything - they actually fail more times than most, but they just keep getting back up and trying until they succeed.

  • Thanks Captain!

    There is mostly certainly a lot of truth to that! Thats normally what I do fall down, dust myself off and keep on keeping on! Never been easy but I know one day it will all be worth it.

    I just wish I could sort through the lessons that I've learned to figure out which book do I start first.

    The one of marriage, dads always having a dad or man in Christ or ladies not needing men because we have Christ. There are so many different inspirational stories that I've gained over my life, I know I am meant to help others, just not sure where to start! Its like I have no clear beginning to start from.

  • Since it sounds like there is a common theme there, why not write a chapter on each subject instead of trying the more difficult task of writing a whole book on each topic?

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