What is wrong with me?

  • Ive gone through some severe serious things this past year & for some reason I just feel I cant pin point anything in my life. I feel lost & confused with the direction of my life.

    I am currently on & off involved with someone & Ive gone cold on him. Im like really holding on to this. I dont really know what to do as far as us. We both had a lot of baggage. I still had so much going on in my life. I held so much in in the beginning. Im so confused with this. I dont trust myself. A lot has to do with me & my situation. I have so many demands from other people right now in my family. Ive lost all kinds of hope for myself. I feel like I have way too many high expectations on me. I feel completely trapped. He is not putting these expectations on me. My living conditions right now are unhealthy.

    Could anyone give me any insight.

  • Out of control often feeds the need to control in destructive ways. It can manifest in obssessive ways--adiction--eating disorders--dangerouse life style--obssessions and distractions that preocupies the mind and disconnects body from the anxiety of a life out of control. You have survived through a rough patch by disconnecting from your senses--that's what you can't pin point but you do on a higher level sense it--a big disconnect inside you---you are not grounded in your own life---moving on auto pilot. You really already know what you need to do--follow your intuition and make an appointment . BLESSINGS. you have a whole NEW life waiting for you to be present in.

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