Shuabby prob at work can you help??

  • hi shuabby thank you for helping me previously with questions about my music career.right now i have a question about a potential conflict at work.

    i was getting along well with a female coworker (aquarius) just a very friendly relationship.

    there is another female co worker (scorpio) whom i feel once had an infatuation with me,but is very jealous,and now she is trying to destroy my friend ship with the aquarius female.

    can you tell me if it would be wise to distance my self both from them?can i still salvage my friendship?what is the scorpio female trying to do?

    i would appreciate help on this question.thanks!

  • Hello sterilite,

    The scorpio female is green with envy and acting out so to speak.

    Do not distance yourself from either. Stand your ground and talk to the scorpio female from your heart and you will have to try to smooth her hurt feelings. The aquarius female is you say on a friendship basic now. You must learn that you will have to be firm but kind with your female admirers. You will have many and leaving a trail of broken hearts will not serve you will in finding that someone special. You have some time I feel before you find a special woman to stay with and form a lasting foundation. In the meantime always be honest with the women you allow in your life.


  • well the scorpion female i feel is an attention freak.i flirted with her too at the begining,but i ended it when i saw how much she flirtted,maybe i confused flirting with flattery.i just think shes pompous and patronizing.i kinda decided not to talk to her.i dont really talk to the beigining of my buisness relationship with her i just waited to see if any of that scorpion deepness shined through,never did.

    with the aquarius she showed more depth.i dont intend on having a relationship with her,we just talked really well.what led me to believe that i should detach,was that her approach towards me yesterday wasnt the same.i almost feel the scorpio is telling the aquarius something about me.

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