I need help for my peace of mined

  • My partner is leaving going back to the philippines we both single parent . were childhood sweethearts his my first boyfriend and we came to visit we live togethere and decide to get married but he needs to go back hm because of his kids , his got 3kids i was wondering if you

    could help ... my question is .. is he serious with our relationship and coming back here for us to be together or i made a big mistake of marrying this person.... please help for my peace of mined I'll take bad or good advice as long as i got my peace of mined,,,,please advice.. ill be waiting

    thank you and have a good day

  • What are your birthdates?

  • my b-day is 11/07/1962 and his 10/12/60....please help i dont want to get hurt again and im scared and confused... thanks

  • This does not look favourable for marriage or the long term. There is a powerful chemistry between you for establishing an uncompormising position - it often focuses on taking a stand, which it will fearlessly defend. Your relationship also has the capacity to win the hearts and minds of other people and is likely to find itself at the centre of a social, family or professional group. Your relationship therefore is unlikely to back down from any outside threat or influence and you two can present a united front to the world. Within the relationship however, there may be disagreements and opposing opinions from the start. Often such contrasts give the relationship an intense dynamism, but they may also periodically threaten to break it apart.

    In matters of love, your partner's outgoing qualities and your introverted tendencies can come into direct conflict. At first, the relationship can thrive on such differences, but over time this temperamental incompatibility may prove unconquerable. You may find your partner superficial and self-aggrandizing, while he may be unable to cope with your moods and depressions. Marriage is a big step for this relationship and should be considered very seriously from all angles before being attempted. Should such a marriage wind up on the rocks, you two must be prepared for a painful breakup marked by agonizing on-again, off-again cycles rather than any real clean break or finality. Unity between you can disappear in a flurry of squabbling. You may find your partner cannot cope with any sorts of problems or too much responsiblity in the marriage and may frequently take off until things sort themselves out or may not even return at all.

  • thanks so much.. at least i know what to expect now i know i did rush into it and maybe make a big mistake on doing it...

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