The Captain and Tennille ;)

  • Hi Captain, Inter

    I took your recommendation and started a new thread. I had to laugh today at the post from yesterday. I'm not used to putting myself out there in such a public forum and was a bit uncomfortable the rest of the day. 🙂

    When I was naming this thread I had to laugh and so I wrote what just came to me, considering my question is about compatibilty and well, the Captain and Tennille made quite a couple (and also were married the year of my birth).

    From yesterday:

    Is your description of the Feb 17 soul true for all Aquarius? I am interested in someone born Feb. 5 1970, and myself Nov. 14, 1974. It's been an interesting dynamic although one limited to only office laughs since we work together. I'd like to become friends outside of the office although trying to make that happen feels like hitting my head against the same brick wall over and over again.

    The post by Poetic555 is interesting as well in regard to the Akashic reading. I have felt a very strong presence of angels the past few weeks and am doing what I can to roll with the beautiful unexpected events of Uranus. I think all people would benfit by working with the astrological elements rather than against them - as hard as they may sometimes be.

    Anyway, just thought I'd comment on the post. In regard to Poetic's summary of the universe highlighting what's out of balance - that could not be closer to the truth. In see that in myself and am surprised at how much I am picking it up in others' lives, too.

    Be well, my friend, and seek balance and harmony everywhere you tread.


  • This relationship is best for friendship, most difficult for love. It is a close relationship emotionally. Speech and thought are rarely the focus here; you two are far more likely to concentrate on feelings, empathy, and sympathy. You may even have a psychic connection to each other, which you may openly discuss or more often simply experience. The relationship's goals, often realized, are likely to be emotional openness and honesty. Its sensitivity can also extend to the projects that you develop together and that often bear your stamp: the results of these undertakings are apt to be refined and creative in nature. The close psychic touch between you two usually allows you to complete your work even when you are separated, for you can act with full confidence that the other person would approve of your decisions.

    Although sympathetic, a love affair here can be somewhat difficult and intense. Your unusual degree of sensitivity to each other is certainly a strength, yet it can also manifest as irritation and emotional overreaction. Your friend's psyche often summons up projections of its own shadow side and falls in love with them, so that you may willy-nilly find yourself playing out an unconscious role for your friend. Of course, the attention is gratifying but you will want to be loved for yourself, rather than for the image you unwittingly supply of someone or something else. A commitment to psychological investigation will usually allow you two to begin unravelling the complexities of your relationship so that you can see it for what it really is. Friendship or a career matchup here is empathic, supportive and understanding in a far more positive light than in a love affair. This type of relationship does not involve the overwhelming emotion and passion of an intimate affair, but rather an easy flow of sympathetic vibrations.

  • Thanks, Captain. What you wrote is what I've been thinking for a while and that is that I've really just wanted to be friends. I do see a lot of similarities in us and have a great deal of respect and understanding for him. It's interesting and the psychic touch is funny. It's something we never discuss, although we relate to each other emotionally quite well. In any event, advice heard and understood. 🙂

    Thank you much.

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