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  • I'm really interested in this cancer guy, but I'm a pretty typical Aquarius. i think we both give each other mixed messages. basically we were kind of friends, but he was so sweet and attentive to me that i developed a crush on him. i told him this as soon as i realized it bc i hate games and wanted to be straight forward, since i'm pretty aloof and generally leave people confused! he told me he liked me too, and it was pretty obvious. the next time i saw him he was v. flirty and didn't talk to anyone but me, but then....i think i messed up bc i kind of acted distant and prob. confused him, bc everyone could see that he was flirting with me and always trying to make me comfortable!! but i was distant...even though i didn't want to be. ((would acting like this push him away?)) also ill admit i flirted with other people and could tell he was jealous...but he wasn't making a move! i just wanted him to make one but he never did!! that convinced me it meant he didn't like me enough. after that night i didn't talk to him for a while, but saw him the other night and he was nice but kinda cold...which made me more distant...but he was still kind of the one pursuing me...and trying to get me to stop being so distant while still being aloof himself!!<<> then these past few days whenever i would go out with friends and drink a little, i'd send him silly texts that made little sense and he'd reply about me being silly and strange but that he liked that. i just....i dont see this going anywhere bc we are both so.....difficult?? i hate making a move, i just want to be sure of everything first!! and he leaves me so confused. i'm also worried after reading all of these threads about cancer men disappearing, or feeling suffocated?? do you think if we started seeing each other he'd pull away...bc i dont think i could handle it esp. since he's being so "attentive" now, if he just switched i'd prob. go crazy. i guess what i'm asking is......

    am i ruining any potential with him....and should i stay far far away!?

  • also, i dont know his birth time but are there any planets i can figure out with just his birthdate, year?? or are they all based on time

  • another also!!! is it normal that i feel like I should stay away bc we are always drawn to each other even when I try to stay away. people tell me they notice and it's cute but there are people that try to get in the way!! his "good friend" was telling me all of these bad things about him him and mean things he's said about me, and will always glare at us when we're talking. MY good friend started getting in the way nd trying to pursue me after i expressed my feelings about the cancer! and tries to keep us away. girls always try to pull him away when hes talking to me. i just feel like everything is pointing to keep away!! has anyone ever felt anything like that/experienced it??

  • Hey can't say I know much about the whole situation where everyone sign is pointing to stay away, but the biggest mistake you will make is go based on that! I have heard so many nasty rumours about ppl, and yet I purposely make friends with those ppl and they have proven me wrong, most of them are genuine and kind.

    Neways as a Cancer myself, I can tell you, you did the right thing by telling him you liked him. Cancers tend to hide their feelings and are shy, so you made the first move and cleared his mind. After our minds are clear, we start to act normal and become more open, just like this guy, and even openly flirt.

    We are possessive and pessimistic as well, when you were flirting with other guys, as a Cancer he will go right back in to his shell and not utter a word. You said you wanted to see if he liked you enough, its a huge step for cancer to even go out there and flirt and when we get shunned by you flirting with someone else- it says the very same thing to him, he was flirting, he was trying, you were not. He is probably thinking the same way, that if you liked him enough you would flirt back and not flirt with other guys.

    Also remember this about Cancerians, we don't get attached easily, but when we do, we can make someone the center of our world. He is testing the waters, so he will not come running after you, if your flirting with some other guy, because he doesn't have that deep attachment with you yet, he doesn't think of you as his. If you keep being distant, he will not chase you.

    Also, his later coldness is easy to explain. He is sensitive by nature, and the guard goes back up pretty quick. But cancers are forgiving, so your "strange" texts probably had him floored, I know as a Cancer, it makes us really happy when someone texts us and messages. He probably found them cute, since most of us Cancerians are imaginative and a little weird ourselves. But don't think by just texting him its enough, he will be happy, but doesnt mean he will let his guard down.

    Basically you have to prove to him that u want him. flirt with him, and even "i miss you" will send him through the roof. If you chase him a bit, you will encourage him to come back full force, but dont mess it up. Cancers can only take so much, and then we can actually (bad trait) shun someone out of our lives for good and pretend to be aloof. Its pretty self destructive actually.



  • ahh that did help!! immensely! thank you so much. about the flirting thing, I've never considered myself a flirt and wasn't doing it deliberately like to make him jealous! but I just realized that what I consider normal friendliness to others he considered flirting (i could tell by his stare!!)) usually when i notice his glare i'll make a point of letting people know he's the one i've got my eye on, or just try to tlk to him more. in fact i've known a few other cancers who thought I was flirting when I'm usually just being myself 😞

    quick question!! do cancers try to make others jealous?? i feel like there have been a few times when he's flirted with my friends he'll watch to see what my reaction to him is?

  • Yea, we are pessimistic, so he probably wouldn't have seen you were being friendly. Also the fact is when we like someone, we don't to be rational because we are in a constant state of flux (cancers more so i think because we are so emotional) whether they are responding back or not. So he is trying really hard to read you, in terms of if you like him back (so he can have that security cancers seek) but when he sees you being friendly and not talking to him, he will see it as "flirting" if you get what I mean.

    Neways, hmmm well I am a Cancer and sometimes we do play mind games, but I usually never do the whole jealousy thing. I think all signs are capable of mind games, and it comes down to one thing. you attention. if he is trying to make you jealous, and you step in and show your a little possessive, trust me, hes yours for the whole night. we just need nudging, thats all.

  • **tend to be rational

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