Need help

  • I was in a six year relationship, and it took me two years to move on and i have. To the extent, where i know we will never betogether again, but i will always care and love him. He is always there for me, but a lot of the times i feel like it is just for selfish reasons on his part. So i moved on, and met a wondeful man and we've been together for almost a year. We can get thru anything, but honestly we are moving in together, and I love him and know we can do whatever we put our mind to. I need insight, who is my future with? we looked at rings the other day, and we just signed a one year lease.

  • You haven't quite let go emotionally of your old relationship, have you? Even though, logically you know it wasn't right for you nor would it ever be. What you are hoping is that your ex might magically change into the perfect attentive lover he wasn't in real life. I think you may just be afraid this new guy will turn out to be the disappointment your ex was, eh?Time to put the past well and truly behind you and enjoy your new life. If you are having doubts, be honest about it to your new man. Honest communication is vitally important to a relationship. You should tell him if you want to slow things down until you feel more secure. I don't feel you were always honest with your ex so don't repeat the same mistakes now. Be brave enough to state what you want and how you are really feeling.

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