Insight on male scorpio behavior

  • Well I am an ex-girlfriend of a scorpio. I'm sure there's a lot of us out there. I've read a lot about scorpios and their behaviors, when it's over it's over-and they cut you out, how they need their space and will contact you when they are ready, how they're stubborn and what they do or say rarely is actually what they feel. I'm wondering if I can get some insight from anyone who has dated a scorpio. In my situation, when he broke up with me he said a lot of things: we dont have time for eachother right now, this is what I need right now, I need space, I love you and still have feelings for you but I don't see a relationship anymore, I'm so confused about how I feel, I don't know if what I'm doing is right, but I feel I have to do it, I want to stay friends etc. Then he text me everyday for the first 2 weeks after our break up, and asked me to dinner. I always texted him back short answers, never was the first to text, and respectfully declined dinner-because it was too soon for me. Now, we haven't spoken since the end of septemeber. I sent a happy bday text in Oct, and we had an account problem, and had a quick convo about that, and that was it. we dated for 1yr and 8 months, and broke up a couple of times during that, because of life situations. The first break-up was about 2 months into our relationship and we both dated other people during that time, and I feel he never forgave me for it or trusted me again. I never cheated and was always honest. I've had some readings done on this sight, and one said he would come back and is just testing me, one said he has let go, and one was really long. I know we both know our connection is super strong. I am also friends with his sister, and he expressed to her how he isn't 100% comfortable with it. But is going to be the bigger person and accept it. He also never wanted to talk to her about me and recently opened up a little, and said he thinks I don't care anymore, since I haven't contacted him etc, and that if we are going to be friends it won't be till later on. I guess my question is, has he moved on? Should I try contacting him for a friendship? Do you think we will get back together one day, or has he shut the door on me for good? His sister says some days he resents me and thinks I screwed him over, which I don't understand because I didn't in any way. We both agreed on the break-up even though I suggested we keep working on it, we both were not happy and things weren't the same. I know he is also super depressed about his life, and how he isn't going anywhere and he has gained weight etc. Most people think that was the main cause of the break-up. Sorry this is so long! I hope someone has enough time to read it! thanks!

  • Oh, I should also mention, I had always wanted to be a bartender, and he never wanted me to do that. One kind of fell into my lap in August, and I took it, and some people think that, that's why he ended it. I think he thinks I betrayed him, and broke his trust. If that's so, is there a way to get that trust back? Whether for a friendship or relationship?

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