Reading, please??

  • Well December is here, and I've just gone through a really crappy break-up. Well, perhaps not "just," but very recently. Me and my boyfriend broke up in December because he was bored with me, basically. He started seeing another person two weeks later. He still keeps leaving me little hooks, then rejecting me, then drawing him back in again, so the other day I let him have a piece of my mind, blocked him from my phone and blocked him on facebook. Can anyone see if my love life will pick up any this month? Any events that you see clearly? I know that's not a specific question, but anything you could share with me is appreciated.

    I'm a sun sign Aquarius with moon in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius, if that helps.

    Thank you!!!

  • Dear kluvaluva,

    You did the right thing where the ex boyfriend is concerned. As he really does not know how to love if he gets bored that easy. On the other hand you are ready for a no games. lets get serious type of relationship. I am getting that you will have to search for a man in diffrent ways than you are use to. I feel there is a man coming in around you in about two weeks that you may meet at a social gathering. He is a light hearted fun type of guy. Keep that in mind when accepting his invitation to go out. Than another man is coming in here with dark hair and eyes that is very charming and worth your while is what I'm senseing. I hear a J in his first name and you will be happy again in Jan 2011.

    Blessings in Love to You


  • Thank you for the insight Shuabby!

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