A reading or just advice would be nice, from captain or anyone else :)

  • Hi there, I was just wondering if someone give me a reading, date of birth 30/05/1992.

    And if I could have some advice, you see I have abilities which I have apparently suppressed due to fear(fully agree Captain). Now when these abilities faded I was saddened, I considered whatever spirits I would come across as my friends, to an extent even the ones that made me feel slightly on edge. I have never been good socially and enjoyed having the company of Spirits, even though sometimes I couldn't see them, I could just feel their presence. But when I started to become frightened by certain things, like I had a dream about a man that transformed in to a demon and he was knowing on my door, I then woke up abruptly and my door was wide open. It scared me but I didn't have anyone to talk to, to turn to for help and guidance.

    At one house I lived in, there were two spirits, from what I could tell a man and a boy and I loved having them as company, I could walk around in the dark in the middle of the night and not have one ounce of fear, I felt safe in that house. Plus it was next to a church which made me feel even more better. I was truly sad when my family and I moved from there and spent many a night crying because I was going to lose my friends.

    My Family doesn't overly understand all of this and when spoken about a sense of awkwardness looms over us, they don't really want to hear about it. My younger and older sister don't really mind and my younger Sister herself has seen spirits and religious visions.

    I myself am very religious(privately) and have even considered becoming a Nun before and was also apparently one in a past life, this for me explains that although raised loosely Christian I have always been drawn to Catholicism. To be honest I would loved to be baptised Catholic and make it official but due to none of my immediate family being Catholic I don't have the confidence to go to a Catholic church myself. Through strengthening whatever abilities I have, I would in a way want to become closer to God, if you can understand that.

    I am also curious about a Guide? Does everyone have one? Do I have one? How do I see them or... Get to know them? Who or what are they? And could someone explain to me what Totems are? I have read various definitions. But would love to know if we all have animal totems? Do I have one? How do I find out what animal it is?

    Any answers, advice or your own experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou everyone, just knowing there are Forums like these make me feel like I have someone to talk to.

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  • It is not my post but I can tell you you do not need to be baptised to become close to God, as indeed you will know yourself as you are very religious. You might need to be though if you want to become a nun. Also the Catholic Church does not believe in reincarnation and afterlife except for purgatory and heaven so you might come in to a bit of conflict there, especially if you can see or sense spirits and believe that you were a nun in a past life.

    Re spirit guides and animal totems, can't help you there, mine is a dolphin and I know that because one kept appearing to me in my dreams and daily life and somebody explained it for me. You can google though,there is quite a lot of info about it if you look for the shaman traditions.

    Further maybe someone else can help you with the guide thing. You need to get your beliefs straight though before starting on a career as a nun as it is a commitment.

  • I realise that I don't have to be baptised but I would like to do it for myself, I don't feel right calling myself Catholic seeing as I have never been to the church plus because I wasn't baptised Catholic, its more a personal thing, not so much to become closer to God but for when people ask what religion I am, I can say "I'm Catholic." Makes me seem almost like a fraud, some people may not understand that but its just the feeling I get.

    I wanted to become a Nun a while back, a few years now. It was something I kept private and didn't even tell my Parents about . I realise the Catholic Church don't believe in alot of things that I do but I have met Catholics and many of them tell me the same thing "That's the church, not the individual." Which comforts me, not all of them are like that but I like to think the best of people, even those who are devout Catholics and may not be as open minded as me. Its their choice what they believe in and I accept that, I hope that they would with me as well.

    When I said "Through strengthening whatever abilities I have, I would in a way want to become closer to God, if you can understand that." I meant spiritually and not through church etc.

    A Dolphin! That's an interesting one, what does that mean to you? Or what do they stand for?

    Hopefully someone can help me and maybe give me a reading. Until then though I will do further research on the animal totems.

    Thankyou for your input paddifluff.

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  • Anyone? :(... I did a little research on Animal totems last night and I think mine might be a fox... Maybe...O.o...

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