Will I Go or Will I Stay? I need a Psychics input, plz.

  • I have gotten myself behind in behind in my rent. Within the last 6mos Ive had two roomates a two diffrent times. The first left owing two months in her share of the rent+, had to evict her. Second one moved in, within a couple weeks I knew she was bad news. And again had to evict her. So now, I myself is so fore behind and new management is in affect as of Dec 15. The new management is here to clean house and get rid of the dead weight, which im sure im on that list. Is there options?? money?? help?? coming from who/what? Or will I have somewhere to move to? Ive Been at my place for over three yrs. I feel very safe here, I have good neighbors, two indoor cats and is conveinent to stores and buses etc. Ive been praying for something positive to happen. Thank You for any insight to my solution.

  • Dear syntarisong,

    I sense right away that if you can not pay your rent up to date when new management comes in that you will have to leave. I feel you will move into a smaller place and also get a part time job to help you live on your own. You will not move to far away from where you are now. You will move into a house perhaps into a boarding house. I don't know that they will allow your cats. If you do not get additional income from working a PT job or have health problems, than you need to apply for help like food stamps and health insurance from the goverment.

    You may ask the new management if you can transfer into a smaller unit , but still would need to have the income to meet the rent. I wish you luck dear, as I really feel you have to stop depending on others and help yourself more.


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