When will she move ?

  • hi Im asking for a friend have put this on the astrology page but really meant this one her name is val 2/november 1939 she has lived with her partner in the same rental house 10 years and really wants to find a beter place to live can you see this happening soon please ?

  • Hi Eve

    Your friend has to make that choise fully and walk the plank so to say. No one except her "landlord" can do it for her. If he says i evict u she is forced. She has to actively search apply. mayb join a housing list?

    i hope this helped if not well is up to her aint it? blessed be


  • thanks shall pass on to her

  • Yw Eve, u see this issue is all about free will. We cannot make anyone do as we want to. Except our kids but that only lasts so long u know. So nada to do but help look out for a place she can afford. Overall choise is hers. its the whole free will n all.

    Ur 2011 looks promising n bright. Thats something aint it?

  • just found this now ,yes this year does seem interesting so far

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